Samsung has dropped a teaser for its new Galaxy S24 series, hinting that ‘Galaxy AI is coming’. Its first Unpacked event for the year will take place on 17 January live in San Jose, California and will be live-streamed on

The video takes viewers through Samsung’s milestones: its first mobile phone in 1988; its TV phone in 1999; larger phablet in 2011; water-resistant devices in 2014; Samsung Pay in 2015; to its “game-changing” foldables in 2020, leaving you wondering what the next milestone is in 2024.

Generative AI has been a buzzword of late, with apps like GPT taking centre stage, changing the way we use the web. It’s no surprise that Counterpoint Research predicts the coming year will be “pivotal for Generative AI (GenAI) smartphones”, whose preliminary data projects that shipments will reach over 100 million units in 2024.

According to its GenAI Smartphone Shipments and Insights report, by 2027 this figure will each 522 million units. It defines GenAI smartphones as a subset of AI smartphones that uses Generative AI to create original content, rather than just providing pre-programmed responses or performing predefined tasks.”

It adds that Samsung and Qualcomm are immediate leaders as “current product offerings and capabilities position them as first movers”.

“Similar to what it did with foldables, Samsung is likely to capture almost 50% share for the next two years, followed by key Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi, vivo, Honor and Oppo.”

According to leaks, Samsung’s on-device generative AI software can translate messages in real time in over a dozen languages. It will also feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipsets, titanium builds, a flattened screen, and upgraded cameras of course.