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Samsung knows it needs to do something to sell more phones and that’s why it’s released two variants of the new Galaxy Note. For the first time, its flagship phablet with built-in stylus comes in two sizes: a 6.3-inch Note10 and 6.8-inch Note10+.

The lower-specced Note10 model has a lower-resolution screen, less RAM, no expandable storage, a smaller battery capacity and no depth sensor camera.

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The focus of this review is the larger 6.8-inch device, which, admittedly, is huge to carry around. When compared to last year’s 6.4-inch Note9, they are nearly identical in size but the 10+ is thinner.

Samsung’s edge-to-edge screen and “Infinity-O” (camera cutout) display has resulted in the best-looking screen I’ve seen on a smartphone. Flip it to the back and the change is instantly recognisable, with a vertical row of lenses, compared to the previous horizontal and centered look, which feels dated now.

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