The long wait for South Africa’s first official Lego store is over as doors open to the public on Saturday, 28 July. It is also Africa’s first Lego certified store, and in case you’re wondering, the one in Fourways wasn’t an official store. While you can get Lego from retailers online and other toy shops around South Africa, according to the company, it will have a variety of Lego, exciting installations, exclusive and extended sets, and experiences not yet seen locally. As if one needed a valid reason to visit the official store, amirite?

I attended the official opening last night in Sandton City, finally, after eyeing the signs for months every time I pop into the Starbucks, which is a few shops down from it. The store also has an augmented reality screen available that shows you what your Lego set will look like if you hold it in front of the screen.

Some of the cool stuff you can buy includes Women of Nasa sets, Ninjago, Minecraft, Friends and everyone’s favourite, Star Wars. I saw the coolest stationery too and ended up buying gel pens (go check it out). You can grab lunch boxes, key rings, and other accessories.

One of my favourite things is the ability to build yourself for R99. You get to chose up to three sets of clothes and accessories. I found the initial selection somewhat limited in terms of getting my hair right but I do hope to see more stuff come through.

The Great Yellow Brick Company’s co-founder Robert Greenstein, who is behind the official store says it will offer limited and special edition Lego sets at the same time that they’re launched internationally, meaning that consumers no longer have to wait for months to buy them, or hunt them down online.

Head to Sandton City from tomorrow, 28 July to get shopping! Don’t forget to sign up for the loyalty program too.