Born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, Centennial Schools in Sunninghill opened in 2022 and follows the Independent Examinations Board curriculum, including additional subjects and masterclasses to help prepare learners for the modern world.

The state-of-the-art 300m2 eSports arena cost R3-million to kit out and runs on one gigabytes per second fibre internet connection with back-up generators during load-shedding. It features 30 individual gaming stations, a spectator stand, 70-inch TV screens, six Xbox motor racing stations, a lounge area to relax and in the works is a shout-casting studio.

The school requires every child to purchase an Asus laptop (three pricing tiers), use Microsoft software for lessons (such as PowerPoint and OneNote), and check in daily on the mental wellbeing app called It’sOk.

Students learn coding, have a 12-module lesson on crypto and blockchain, learn social media skills and the laws around it, public speaking, how to use Photoshop, compose music and learn marketing skills, among other modern world skills.

Founder and chief executive Shaun Fuchs established Centennial Schools drawing on his 31 years of experience in the education sector, including as managing director of Reddam House Schools, general manager of Crawford Schools and Centurus Colleges and headmaster at Crawford College Lonehill.

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