LG has finally brought the W7 Wallpaper TV to South Africa. It was unveiled at the Homemakers Expo in Johannesburg today, which is currently taking place till Sunday, 25 Feb at the Northgate Dome. I don’t know if you recall, but it was part of my highlights at InnoFest 2017 in Barcelona last year (link here).

At the time, there were no plans to bring it down, but the exchange rate is looking favourable so I think it made sense. However, speaking about favourable, the 65″ W7 Wallpaper TV is expected to sell for R250 000 (!) later this year, entirely dependent on the exchange rate at the time, when preorders open. This will take place in Q3 via Hirsch’s, so around September, for delivery by Christmas. It’s only available through special order, you can’t walk into a shop and buy it immediately, so uh, serious buyers only. 

Back to the TV itself, if you don’t already know, it’s super thin (sorry about the mistake in my embedded tweet) but it’s 2.75mm thin/thick, basically like 3 credit cards stacked together. As as per my image, my finger is looking CHUNKY next to it. It has won a bunch of awards too.

It’s a 4K HDR TV that is only wall mountable due to it being a wallpaper TV, and has all the inputs in the accompanying sound bar through a flex cable that is white, so shouldn’t be too visible against a white wall. It supports Dolby Atmos, the sound bar being 4.2 surround sound, air mouse feature via remote, can be paired with wireless keyboards, and you can connect your devices like Apple TV, gaming consoles etc to it. If you don’t have a wireless keyboard, you can use the LG TV Plus app for Android and iPhone for text input. Remember pic-in-pic mode? It has a similar Multi-view mode too, so one person can watch Netflix with sound via headphones, will the other can watch DStv etc. 

Apart from the 65″ model, we will also get the 77″ model. This will retail for an approximate R400 000, again, depending on exchange rates at the time. Careful y’all, don’t all go rushing to refinance your property to buy one! Also, hot damn.