I’ve been following Aqeelah Harron Ally from her early days as a fashion blogger when she was still a flight attendant. Fashion Breed, as she is known online, also happens to be one of my first follows on Instagram. So yes, it’s safe to say I’m a fan.

I’ve watched her grow into a mature young woman who owned her faults, is vocal about how she learned from her mistakes and conducts herself in a professional manner. But what I most admire is her style, content, consistency and being able to stand out from the crowd.

Image: FashionBreed via Instagram

Aqeelah launched her first ebook called Booked. Busy. Verified. priced at R700, and on launch day donated R100 from every sale to the Muslim Hands SA Covid19 relief fund. I knew I was going to buy the book when it was announced so supporting her charity was just a bonus. 

I was toying with the idea of doing a blog post once I completed it, but when I received a bunch of replies on Instagram on if I thought it was worth it, I decided to put my thoughts down in one place instead. 

Who is it for?
It goes without saying, if you’re a big fan of Fashion Breed, you’d want to buy it (if you haven’t already). For everyone else who is sitting on the fence, it’s aimed at content creators who are serious about taking themselves to the next-level. I’m a firm believer of “if you don’t invest in yourself, why should others invest in you.”

If you’re a content creator across any field (food, gaming, fashion, lifestyle, tech, health, etc), this guide will take you through each step of the way. If you’re a (small) business owner and want to build on your professional outlook online, via content, social and blogging, this will help you too – as long as you are serious about creating content for multiple platforms.

What topics are covered?
The book covers all the important things, including something most people can’t answer truthfully – “why do you want to do this?” (doing it for freebies is not it) and “what will your niche be?”. You’re learning how to get hold of PR, how to grow your following, being relatable, adding value, creating a media kit, etc. There are basically 18 “chapters” – bear in mind the ebook is 90 pages. She also shares her secret on always being booked and busy.

Aqeelah does not hold back. She has used her vast experience in the online space and filters out the succulent bits over the years and shares it all in this ebook. As someone who has been blogging since 2005, I appreciate everything she has put in the book. I can identify with it because I know this journey. My professional experience has taught me how to deal and pitch to PR, and if you’re a content creator, you don’t really have someone who will teach this to you.

You know how the saying goes – “everyone is a blogger”. The book also covers how to be a better writer, shoot better pics and vids, and the power of storytelling. Other bits include useful software, apps, etc. It’s all the important things minus the fluff. Don’t be the same old.

Image via FashionBreed.co.za

Is it worth the R700?
If you’re ready to level-up, this book is for you. It’s the shortcut to having years of experience by learning from trial and error. We all have busy lives and want everything now. Booked. Busy. Verified. gives you everything now – immediately. 

Yes, R700 is a lot of money for an ebook but I wouldn’t compare the value of this ebook to a hardcover you get at a book store. The mindset that you can get something physical for less money needs to change because you’re paying for the content and Aqeelah’s expertise. Think about what field you’re in, and what would you charge for an hourly rate to consult? Or if you were a main speaker at a conference, how much would the tickets cost? Consider the price as a consulting fee to Aqeelah to pick her brain, because this is what it is in digital form.

If you want to look at it another way and break it down by chapter, you’re paying for insider info at roughly R39 per ‘chapter’. As a journalist who knows what it takes to be a content creator, this book should be seen as an investment in yourself. 

Booked. Busy. Verified. can be purchased here: https://www.shopfashionbreed.com/products/booked-busy-and-verified-1

PS Thank you for the ‘mention’, Aqeelah. It was such a pleasant surprise to see a reference to me in your ebook. (If you follow me and bought the book, you’ll find it on page 48).