If you’ve been following my writing for a while you’ll know I’m a big Nintendo fan, and part of the reason why this love has endured for so many years is that I admire the company’s appetite for taking risks and experimenting.


The Nintendo Switch community has benefited immensely from this approach with several innovative ways to experience gaming. These include physical Mario Kart cars that make use of augmented reality to recreate tracks (currently on sale at the Nintendo shop in Sandton); cardboard instruments and fishing rods as part of the Nintendo LABO set; and all the motion-controlled innovation packed into the Joy-Cons controllers that build on the revolutionary Wii-motes.

At the heart of WarioWare: Move It! lies the delightful chaos of over 200 microgames, each lasting mere seconds, challenging players to assume specific postures with the Joy-Cons.

It’s a race against the timer, urging you to execute actions like polishing a turtle shell or engaging in a short speed skating competition. The catch? You must strike the correct pose showcased before each microgame, adding a hilarious twist to the already frantic proceedings.

The simplicity of the microgames is sometimes deceptive, as the short time windows and the ever-changing postures create a delightful level of complexity. There are a number of unique poses, each corresponding to different scenarios, from squatting like a sumo wrestler to spreading your arms for windscreen wipers.

The sheer absurdity of the gestures contributes to the game’s charm, transforming mundane actions into sources of amusement. It’s a testament to Nintendo’s knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, providing players with a light-hearted and entertaining experience.

While the microgames may appear straightforward, the rapid succession and randomised selection often caught me off guard, demanding I pay full attention – as opposed to playing something like Fortnite solo, which is often just a means to get through a podcast.

The inclusion of a story mode, gradually introducing stances and providing detailed explanations, eases players into the diverse world of microgames so I recommend diving into that first before switching to multiplayer.

My wife, toddler and I played through the story mode together (taking turns) and this is the best way to master the poses. This also ensures that even those unfamiliar with WarioWare can quickly adapt and enjoy the game’s quirky challenges.

While the use of Joy-Cons is a brilliant use of the hardware, reminiscent of the innovative spirit seen in other Nintendo titles, the accuracy does vary from pose to pose so recommend some patience when playing with inexperienced or competitive gamers.

The absurdity of mimicking a train with Joy-Cons adds a physical layer to the gameplay, making it a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch’s ethos of interactive and accessible gaming. An important disclaimer for those gaming on a Switch Lite – you will need separate Joy-Cons to play this game so if you don’t have extras, I don’t recommend it.

Beyond the joyous chaos of micro-games, WarioWare: Move It! captures the essence of a pick-and-play party game. With its easy-to-grasp mechanics and the ability to cater to players of all ages, it channels the fun and spontaneity of Mario Party without the commitment to complex rules. It’s the ideal game for impromptu gatherings or casual gaming sessions, and I’m excited to play it with my siblings this holiday.

It’s worth noting that WarioWare: Move It! includes some deity references that may raise eyebrows and require parental guidance. While the game is generally light-hearted and humorous, these elements may warrant consideration for younger audiences. There are references to Gods and demons and worship, which triggered a few glances between my wife and I while playing with our son.

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In conclusion, WarioWare: Move It! stands as a testament to Nintendo’s willingness to push boundaries and deliver unique gaming experiences. The game’s marriage of Joy-Con gestures, absurd microgames, and easygoing party vibes makes it a standout addition to the Nintendo Switch library.

It’s a title that effortlessly bridges the gap between accessibility and hilarity, ensuring that the spirit of WarioWare lives on in a new and entertaining form. Whether you’re a seasoned Nintendo enthusiast or a newcomer to Wario’s world, WarioWare: Move It! promises a fun, if somewhat shallow experience that will leave you smiling.



  • Innovative Use of Joy-Cons
  • Delightful selection of Microgames
  • Accessible Pick-and-Play Party Game


  • Varied Accuracy of Joy-Con Gestures
  • Need for Additional Joy-Cons on Switch Lite
  • Some Parental Guidance and discretion needed for themes
Value for money

Final Verdict

WarioWare: Move It! impressively blends Nintendo's innovative use of Joy-Cons with over 200 amusing microgames, creating a delightful pick-and-play party experience for players of all ages. While its varied accuracy with Joy-Con gestures and deity references may pose concerns, the game stands as a testament to Nintendo's commitment to delivering unique and entertaining gaming experiences on the Switch.