The MacBook Air single-handedly changed the laptop industry a decade ago. Its ultralight and portable design set the bar for what every manufacturer would release thereafter, giving rise to the Windows Ultrabook. And who can forget its grand entrance at Macworld 2008 when the late Steve Jobs took it out of an A4 envelope?

Apple removed the optical drive with the introduction of the Air and, along with limited hard drive space, the asking price for the entry-level model was an eye-watering US$1 800. Naturally, it brought divided opinions. But its impact was huge. 

Somewhere along the line, though, the company neglected the Air and failed to release a model with an updated, high-resolution screen. Instead, we got the pricey 12-inch MacBook; that is, until late 2018. Continue reading here:

LISTEN: In this episode of the Cars & Gadgets podcast, Duncan McLeod chats to Nafisa Akabor about the new Apple MacBook Air.