I meant to review OneAdaptr’s Twist Plus World Charging Station earlier this year, but of course, travels got in the way.

Now that back on land, I can sit down and tell you all about it.

The guys at OneAdaptr came up with a simple, no-fuss solution to charge your devices while travelling, with most variants fitting into your MacBook plug.

The result was the Twist, which was listed on Kickstarter and reached its goal. The Twist is a portable solution for those who travel a lot and constantly need to charge devices. The name Twist comes from the fact that you have to twist the device in various directions to get the plug point for the country you’re in. So essentially this means no more carrying around multiple adapters for different regions. It supports over 150 countries; the countries you’re most likely to travel to.

It’s very minimalistic and easy to use. There are four types of plugs in the Twist range:


I was sent the Twist Plus+ World Charging Station to try before the company reached its goal – love that they were confident it would! Three out of the four variants fit into a MacBook plug, as you can see above, the exception being the Twist World Charging Station that comes just with 4x USB ports (high speed) and the Twist plug. The other three have the Mac plugs and 4x 4A 20W USB – high speed charging ftw! The World Charging Station variants come with 4x USBs.

I’ve used it so far in the States, Europe, England and while cruising. I cannot image travelling without it. I don’t necessarily have to plug it into my MacBook to use it, just straight to the wall and all devices plugged in. This was my setup in London a few weeks ago:


When you have it plugged into your MacBook adaptor, you are capable of charging 5 devices simultaneously. Now that I’ve been doing this, I cannot image swapping devices when one is done charging. Also works out just great with my new MacBook and its single USB-C port.

Initially I struggled finding one of the adapters while twisting, because it was so new and had to twist it with slightly more effort, but now they are all easily accessible. This is what it would look like fitting into your Macbook plug and with different plug points:


The OneAdaptr website has the plugs in white or orange. I prefer the white one, it’s just clean. The one I have, the Twist Plus+ World Charging Station is the most expensive of the lot – it costs $44.99. And that price, you’re getting more plug for your money; it’s a fair price. Once you buy it, you will not need another travel adapter again. Honestly cannot find a reason why you shouldn’t get one if you travel often. If you have a laptop with that awful 3 pin plug – eish, sorry.


AC Input: 100 ~ 240Vac
AC Max. Power: AC 125V ~ 3A / AC 250V ~ 3A
USB Max. Output Power: 5Vdc ~ 2.4A
USB Input Power: 100 ~ 250 Vac
Fuse: 3A
Worldwide Patent Pending