Great news for all Spotify fans on Android, there is now a lite version of the app. Spotify has released smaller, more condensed version of its app for Android only called ‘Spotify Lite’.

The app is ideally suited for the South African market because data is expensive and connectivity can be spotty. It is also great for older devices or those that don’t run the latest version of Android. It also uses less space, so if your handset has limited storage, it’s another great reason to use the Lite app.

Spotify says users will still be able to search and play favourite songs, save them, share with others, discover new music, and enjoy playlists. I downloaded this version on my Huawei P30 Pro and it’s no different to the main one, looks wise. I can see the images are slightly scaled, but when it comes to saving data, that is hardly an issue.

The app can be differentiated from the main one by the green and white logo with green background. Spotify says the app is 10MB to download but my P30 Pro says otherwise; it is 46MB is size. I simply downloaded the app and logged into my account, and did not download any data. Either way, it’s still light.

Another great feature is the ability to set a data limit so you don’t go beyond what you have to use. The app will notify you when you reach your set limit. If you’re think you’re running low on storage, you can clear the cache.

You can find the Spotify Lite app on the South African Google Play Store.