Volvo South Africa’s latest version of its Driving Journal app now works on all its battery electric vehicles models in South Africa.


The Android app will automatically run in the background and logs all trips, which allows the user to easily apply for travel reimbursement when it comes to business journeys. The app is developed by Volvo Cars and is available on the Google Play Store.

Even though it will run in the background, the Driving Journal app will be housed within the Volvo Cars app and automatically create a drive log every time you head off. The company says, for each drive, the app logs the start point, distance, trip duration, destination and even fuel consumption – or, in the case of Volvo’s latest BEVs, battery energy consumption.

At the end of every trip, all information is uploaded to the cloud – in encrypted form and over a secure connection – where it is stored for up to 400 days.

Trips can be merged or deleted as well as categorised as either private or business. It is also possible to export the journal directly to a computer or similar smart device, which is especially useful for drivers who need to create business expense reports, explains Volvo.

Volvo SA tells Recharged that the Driving Journal feature works on both Android or iOS, as long as the Volvo Cars App is connected and logged in with your Volvo ID before you activate Driving Journal. The stats are then shared with the Volvo Cars app, which can then be downloaded/exported by the driver.

Greg Maruszewski, Managing Director at Volvo Car South Africa says, “With the release of this latest Driving Journal in-car app for our market, local Volvo drivers of models with built-in Google gain fuss-free access to accurate trip data, all without having to lift a finger. It’s particularly appropriate that this application has been extended to our BEVs as we continue our transition towards electric mobility.”

While the Driving Journal is a convenient app for both company-car drivers and those who use their private vehicle for business purposes, its automatic logging of kilometres and fuel use/energy consumption can also help customers plan future trips and even aid in maximising driving efficiency, says Volvo.