iPadAir2-goldI’ve been presented with a challenge from the iStore – to use the iPad Air 2 for 7 days as my primary device.

This forms part of their campaign, along with 11 others, for the newest 9.7-inch tablet that went on sale in South Africa on Friday, 14 November.

The bulk of my daily tasks will be carried out on the iPad Air 2, such as email, writing, accessing social networks, reading, entertainment and maybe playing a game or two. I will be allowed to use my phone. I’m quite keen to put it through its paces and see how it handles what I do daily. My laptop use will be restricted to anything that absolutely has to be done on it.


If you know me, you know how I love a challenge (and can get competitive)! However, being a part of this campaign is in no way a competition. It’s a challenge for me to give up my laptop for the 7 days. I will be sharing tips and progress on my social feeds during the 7 days, which starts today – 18 November. All my updates will be public across my platforms using #Everythingin1 and #iPadAir2 – feel free to follow everyone’s progress in the campaign with those hashtags.


I’m keen to see once again how I adapt to this size (been using an iPad Mini for the longest time) and how portable it will be to carry around the 435g tablet, which is 18% thinner from the previous generation and runs on Apple’s fastest A8X chip. For those who are interested in the technicality of it, according to Apple, it’s 40% faster than the A7 chip.

The feature I’m most looking forward to is Touch ID. I keep trying to unlock my iPad Mini 2 with my finger and it gets me every time. At least now I won’t look ridiculous!


Follow my progress here:
Twitter – @nafisa1
Instagram – @nafisa
Facebook – Nafisa Akabor (my updates will be public; this is not an invite to add me as a friend)

Photos by Saaleha Bamjee – saaleha.com