Following Nintendo’s announcement of a VR headset last month through its DIY cardboard accessories line, the company has released the Labo VR Kit.

nintendo labo vr

I got some hands on time with it through Nintendo South Africa yesterday and had the opportunity to build my own VR headset. We were given the starter set that comes with the Blaster, which by the way, is so much fun to play with.

Inside the box, you get the software, Toy-Con cardboard accessories that you will build for the VR headset, lens, stickers, rubber bands etc. If you’re familiar with the initial Labo that was launched a year ago – you can find my review here – – it’s just an add-on to that.

nintendo labo vr

We built our own headsets, and then got to try out the range that is available to purchase separately like add-ons. I much like this way of introducing it, so you purchase the initial one with the Blaster, then can choose add more later, like the Camera + Elephant; and Bird + Wind Pedal.

It should take about 20 minutes to build the VR headset and then you connect it and the demo shows you how it works. This is very much a toy/fun experience and not at all like the Playstation VR, for example. You can’t even compare the two experiences.

Nintendo VR Blaster

So if you’d rather introduce your kids to the fun version that is probably unlikely to cause any nausea or anything, the Labo VR Kit is the way to go. It’s great way to spend time with the kids and guide them – although the console is perfectly capable of doing this on its own with clear instructions, but nevertheless a great family bonding activity. I’ve yet to build my blaster but the little ones would need some help with this for the smaller pieces.

Once everything is built, the real fun starts. The camera looked cute and with the Joy Cons connected into the lenses, you twist it to zoom in or out, like you would a normal camera and then snap photos. The game tells you what sort of fish to look out for and snap as the one I tried was underwater. This game takes a while, there’s a lot to look for and it tells you if you completed the mission or not.

I had a brief time with the Blaster and knew immediately it was my favourite even though I hadn’t tried every other option. It feels the closest to a traditional shooting video game where you load it and fire, with semi-realistic effects, which is fun for the younger crowd.

My first impressions and brief time with the Labo VR Kit was loads of fun. If you’re a family who already owns a Nintendo Switch, it’s a wonderful add-on and I recommend you start buying the VR stuff.

Labo VR Blaster Kit – R649
Labo Expansion Kits – R369
The Labo VR Kit – R1349 (instead of buying separately above)
Visit to shop.