Online store Geewiz has a range of load-shedding solutions in the form of solar, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and inverters with batteries. The company supplied us with its entry-level 1 200VA inverter with a 100Ah battery.

The 720 watt unit can deliver up to four hours of battery life based on a 150W consumption. Geewiz says this would run a television set, lamp, wi-fi router and laptop.

The unit is a modified sine wave inverter, so is not suited to be connected to your distribution board. For those who want to plug a battery into their mains, you would need to look for a pure sine wave solution, which costs more. It will work on a fridge, microwave, medical devices or sensitive electronics.

If you run an Apple iMac desktop, you would need a pure sine wave inverter, although the entry level we tested is suitable for a MacBook Air or Pro.

The company also supplies this information with the battery pack. It’s printed in red bold text that high wattage items such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and heaters should not be plugged into it.

The unit is heavy because of the battery, and although Geewiz sells it as a standalone device, for R600 more, you can add a battery cabinet with wheels to move it around.

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