If you want to purchase a Bluetooth tracker, this post will highlight your options for both Android and iOS. The three tags being compared is the Apple AirTag, Samsung SmartTag2 and Eufy SmartTrack Link.


In this comparison, you can see the differences between the Apple AirTag, Samsung SmartTag2 and the Eufy SmartTrack Link, which works on both Android and iOS, with one small catch – it does not track on Android.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone smartphones with ultra-wide band support specifically, you should get the SmartTag2 and AirTag, respectively. They are optimised to work best with these devices, and won’t work with other devices.

AirTag vs SmartTag2 vs SmartTrack Link

The Eufy SmartTrack Link has an important distinction, as mentioned above – you cannot track it on the Android app. But it will work as an alarm, left-behind alarm, find silent phones, etc. It works better as a cheaper AirTag.

Hope this has been helpful.