On my recent trip to New York, I carried both an iPhone 7 and Samsung S8. I got to properly test the cameras in night mode during a sunset dinner cruise with Samsung. At this point, the sky was completely dark as we approached the Statue of Liberty. I’d been here before on my birthday during the day, but it was extremely windy, and crowded, so I was hoping to get some better shots this time around, despite it being at night. 

I kept switching between both phones for pictures wherever I went, and when it came to getting these shots, there was a clear winner. So for everyone who asked me which camera is better in low light, here’s the direct answer:

iPhone 7:

Samsung S8:

As you can see from the above images, the iPhone produces more realistic colours, but the Samsung has a sharper image with more detail, and the colour isn’t as close to the real thing (technically it’s not something a minor contrast adjustment can’t fix). The only edits I made to these photos was a square crop, and minor straightening. You can open each pic in a new tab for a bigger size.

So there you have it.

Front page featured image credit: Shutterstock