Under Armour has released a new training shoe in its Reign line-up called the Tribase Reign 6, aimed at Gen Z. UA says the Tribase Reign 6 integrates things like stability, durability, and flexibility to provide an “unparalleled cross-training experience”.

Under Armour

The company says it is aimed at current fitness trends embraced by Gen Z and is best suited in hybrid training models, HIIT, strength training, cross-training, sprints, CrossFit, and plyometrics; the fusion of strength and endurance workouts.

The Tribase Reign 6 will retail for R2899 and comes in black or white for men; and black or grey for women.

Under Armour Tribase Reign 6 key features:

  • UA WARP upper for ultimate support and breathability
  • External heel clip & internal heel counter for added stability & support
  • Dual-density midsole for better support & underfoot comfort
  • Updated UA TriBase for maximised ground contact, natural motion, and flexibility
  • Full-rubber outsole with medial rope grip for durability and abrasion resistance

Fezile Jali, marketing manager at Under Armour South Africa tells Recharged that the Tribase Reign 6 was created for athletes to be as stable as possible for high performance workouts. “Ground control is super important to train, especially for those who do cross training.”

The thinking behind it was how do we create a shoe that balances stability and control but also allows the athlete to be flexible, to be able to move well, explains Jali. UA worked on three key areas for three points of ground contact and a secure upper for support as one moves, lifts, or for intense workouts.

“The uppers compress the two points, and zonal containment, which is the WARP. It means that it hugs the upper part of your foot, but not squeezing it. The TPU mesh material on top is for breathability and durability. This allows your foot to be protected from being scraped against anything,” says Jali.

The company emphasises that the Tribase Reign 6 uses its triangular plate to ensure solid stability with every rep, set or cardio burst.

“The drop-in midsole combines firmer heel material with softer forefoot cushioning, ensuring long-lasting power and impact absorption during intense workouts. The UA WARP upper, with TPU mesh, provides ultimate support and breathability, while the external heel clip and internal heel counter add extra stability and support.”

The company also shared Gen Z’s Fitness Trends:

  • Hybrid Training Models: Gen Z is embracing the popularity of hybrid training models, which blur the lines between different exercise disciplines. These models combine elements from various workouts, such as strength training, yoga, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), offering a well-rounded fitness experience tailored to diverse fitness goals. The trend is driven by a desire for versatility and effectiveness in achieving overall fitness.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Among Gen Z, HIIT remains a focal point in fitness trends. This form of training is trending due to its efficiency in improving cardiovascular fitness and metabolic health. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief periods of rest, making it a time-efficient and effective workout for the younger generation with busy lifestyles.
  • Combining Strength and Endurance Training: Gen Z is breaking away from the traditional separation of strength and endurance training by exploring the benefits of combining both in a single workout session. This trend is gaining traction as it offers a holistic approach to fitness, challenging the notion that these modalities need to be practiced separately. The combination provides comprehensive fitness benefits, appealing to Gen Z’s preference for multifaceted and efficient workout routines.

Alongside the Tribase Reign 6, Under Armour has launched the following gear:

  • UA Infinity High 2.0 Bra for support with a compression fit and strategic ventilation – R1299
  • A versatile Unstoppable Jacket that is lightweight with breathable fabric and resistant – R2499
  • UA Peak Woven shorts for durability and flexibility for high intensity workouts – R1199

Under Armour very cheekily sent me one shoe in a media drop and invited us to fetch the other shoe, with some new gear from its store in Sandton City. Thanks for kitting me out, Under Armour SA. Will be doing some deadlifts in them to put it to the test.

All of the new gear can be found in-store, on the app or online on underarmour.co.za