In 2019 I signed up for Tiger Advantage Plus, Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s (TWT) loyalty app. Starting from R99 per month, there are so many benefits; and a Gold membership will cost R189 per month. I guess you could say I’m a sucker for a loyalty plan.

Image by whatwolf on freepik

But also, anything that could help me in the long run. For example, despite my car insurance, I have an AA membership, which has been very helpful to change tyres (don’t judge me), tow my car (twice because of bigger problems), and get me started again when my car’s battery has given up.

But back to TWT. It’s one of those things you pay for, never giving it a second thought, but when you need it, it’s a lifesaver.

What you get

  • Fines protect: Be informed about any fines, and they negotiate discounts to save you money.
  • Accident protect: This one hurts enough without the RAF claims process causing you extra trauma. Relax, we’ll take care of it.” I’m fortunate that I’ve never had to use this feature *touch wood*.
  • Licence protect: Renew your license disk online and have it conveniently deliver it to your door.
  • Bail protect: “UH-OH! No problem – call us, and we’ll get you out.” Again, I fortunately haven’t needed to use this.
  • Discounts: This is a big one. I had to replace two tyres this year, never a happy situation. But, with Tiger Advantage Plus I got about 25% off selected products and services. And I got free puncture repair on the one salvageable tyre.

They’ve also launched a few new features like a loyalty reward voucher, a complimentary R500 voucher to spend at Tiger Wheel & Tyre every 6 months. In addition, they offer 25% cash back on your car wash (up to R50 per quarter) but I haven’t used this either.

Why I signed up

At the time I signed up, I took my boyfriend at the time’s car to have a tyre replaced. It seemed like a good deal, paying only R99/month for up to four vehicles. We drove on several kilometres of dirt road and roads with terrible potholes, so it seemed like a good idea.

I got a notification of a fine earlier this year, and it was already 50% discounted, meaning I only paid R125 through the app.

The licence protect is a wonderful benefit too. For me, this alone is worth it all. You simply upload a copy of your ID, proof of residence, and do the payment through the portal. No more “the system is offline”, or any of the other problems you have encountered at the past.

I know TWT is considered a premium supplier, and our natural inclination is to look for something cheaper. But for me this is such a great option. You know you’re getting quality products and services and with Tiger Advantage Plus you get access to great deals.

Do I recommend it?

100% yes! When I realised I had a flat tyre, I felt depressed, stressed, and overwhelmed. I hate calling anyone and the idea of calling around to get a good deal on a tyre was really not something I looked forward to. I’m fortunate to live quite close to a TWT and as always, the staff are extremely helpful.

I was so relieved that I could go there knowing I’ll get a discount on my preferred tyre choice (Continental) and save on balancing and alignment too. For about R100 you can cover your whole family and get great discounts and deals.