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How to: Get a free Melon Mobile eSIM

Melon Mobile launched eSIM support a few days ago. Melon runs on the MTN network, and made a claim last week that customers “can be up and running within five minutes”. Of course, I had to put that to the test.

I downloaded the Melon app on my iPhone 15 Pro and created a new account. I already have an account that is tied to a physical SIM but I didn’t see the option to order an eSIM on that account because I would have had to do a SIM swap. So I just created a new account today – Sunday, 1 October.

I completed my self RICA and took a quick screenshot at 12:26, while cooking, so apologies for the blurry photo. To my surprise I got a notification in SIX MINUTES to say I was RICAd. Colour me impressed.

If you struggle with the upload from the app, you can choose to do it via Whatsapp, it will be offered to you on the same screen you are in.

When I opened the app, it said my eSIM was being activated, but after taking a minute or so, I reopened the app and it was still activating. So I went into Mobile Settings, and under SIMs, I clicked on “Add eSIM” then “other options” and then “Use QR Code”. Scanned it and it was complete within seconds.

Just note, you have to take a photo of the QR Code from another device to scan it from the phone you’re using. I know it seems obvious, but just had to state it.

By 12:37 I took the final screenshot that says “Mobile Plan Setup Complete”. Basically, it took me 11 minutes from RICA to being connected, wow! Okay, so I was cooking between doing it and it could have been done in under 11 minutes.

How to get a free Melon eSIM.

STEP 1: Download the Melon Mobile app and create an account.

STEP 2: Choose “I need a SIM” and then “Melon eSIM”

STEP 3: Follow the on-screen prompts to self RICA. You will need to add ID number, upload ID document, choose your address, and then take a selfie.

STEP 4: Wait for the RICA process to be approved.

STEP 5: Install your eSIM.

STEP 6: Check your APN settings so you can connect to the internet. It needs to be “ws.melon.mvno”

That’s it, you’re all set!

Your free Melon Mobile eSIM and physical SIM comes with free 100MB of data, 10 minutes of voice calls, and 10 SMSes. By default you will be on the Pay As You Go Plan. I am picking up MTN 5G speeds!

Melon Mobile is the first network operator, even though a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to offer self-RICA on its digital channels in order to get a SIM card. You can complete the whole process within minutes from your home, even on a Sunday afternoon!

Here’s a full list of Melon’s supported eSIM devices.

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Melon Mobile launches eSIM support


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