Today I will show you how you can get paid from anyone in the world by simply sharing your custom PayPal URL. None of your personal details will be shared.

I first used this service when I needed to receive payment from a US bank account but wasn’t keen on doing it directly via FNB like in the past. The thought of getting a swift code and all that other admin felt like a lot back and forth between my banker.

I use my PayPal account often to make online purchases because buyer protection, so I thought I’d try receiving money into it.

Important to note about this blog post is that this service is not new. I only write about my personal experiences here so hence this post as I’ve used it myself.

PayPal lets you create a PayPal.Me URL directly tied to your profile, which is used to receive payment from anyone, anywhere in the world. My favourite thing about this service is that nobody can see your banking or contact details.

My post is aimed at any South African citizen with a bank account from FNB, Absa, Nedbank or Standard Bank who wishes to get paid and withdraw those funds via the FNB online portal. This means you don’t have to bank with FNB but just create a profile with them.

This post has two parts. How to set-up PayPal and link to FNB profile and part two is how to withdraw funds.


Step 1: Go to the website and create an account (assuming you don’t have one). You can choose to create a personal or business account.

Step 2: During the process you have to verify your email and verify your PayPal account by linking a debit or credit card. They will deduct around $2 I think from your card – it gets reversed a few days later – but there will be a reference number on the transaction you have to look out for. TOP TIP: On the FNB app, I saw mine immediately on the push notification (not inside the app on the transaction history because that will take a few days). You can do this step with any major bank card.

Step 3: Create your personal URL by using this link: and login with the credentials you just created if you need to. My profile looks like this:


Step 4: Share your personalised URL with whoever; add it to your profiles/sites.

Step 5: Once you receive payment, log into your PayPal profile

Step 6: If you haven’t already, you need to link a bank account. As mentioned, FNB lets you receive money from PayPal even if you bank with other banks.

Step 7: Click on Transfer using FNB. Login and go to Forex > PayPal Services on the top main menu.

Step 8: Select the Menu option again on the left in orange, and then “Link your PayPal profile”. Once you link a bank account for the first time, you will need to log into your PayPal account to confirm that you are the account holder.


Step 1: Log into the FNB website. Once again, head to Forex > PayPal Service on the top menu.

Step 2: Click on the Menu button in orange, and then “withdraw from PayPal”

Step 3: Follow the four step process outlined by FNB. If your account is linked, you will be able to see your balance and what currency. Choose the account it will go into, amount, and then there is a “reason for transaction”. I just chose 401 – Gifts. You need to declare what it is though (exports, proceeds, commercial sales, travel, alimony, etc – list is long). Part 2 is to view your quote; part 3 is  to check personal details and confirm; and part 4 is submitting.

Step 4: Wait between 5-8 business days for it to clear.

To re-iterate, FNB lets anyone create a profile on their portal, and you can link your non-FNB account to withdraw to. I do not know how to do this as I bank with FNB.