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SunStream electricity to your devices

A few weeks ago World Panel showcased their new SunStream devices at AfricaCom, Cape Town, for the first time.

This little solar panel allows you to connect your mobile device directly to a clean and reliable energy source. So if you need to charge your devices – anything that charges via USB, you just plug it and place the SunStream in direct sunlight.

World Panel describes their products as the first of its kind to stream electricity from the sun directly onto mobile devices, which require no chipsets or PC boards. The company also says it charges mobile phones at the same speed as a wall plug; and is capable of charging a phone in about 2 hours.

The SunStream has been built with industrial grade materials to handle harsh conditions; it’s waterproof (can be submerged into water and operate under water, but not sure about the cables you use); impact-resistant, in case you drop it, up to 2 meters; and is made with a shatterproof glass face. The exterior case is UV stable so it stays cool in extreme heat.

World Panel says its the first piece of technology in the world to combine USB charging standards with international solar panel standards.

I received questions about how it differs from a solar charger. The difference is that a solar charger will retain power and eventually deplete after use, so you will have to recharge to use it again. The SunStream works instantly when you place it in the sun. It works in direct sunlight only, not on a cloudy day and it doesn’t store power for later use. Very useful for beach days, picnics, if you find yourself outdoors or want to use as little electricity as possible.

The SunStream can be purchased at the Vodacom Soweto store or online at for R199!

The website doesn’t allow me to link the product directly, but go to, click on Products, scroll a little down to see SunStream and then click on the orange “Order Now” button. Then you can select the colour of the case (red, yellow, orange, blue, green) and diamond cell colour which looks like blue is the only option. I’m not sure what shipping costs.

Seriously, at that price, you know you want one! 😉

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