EcoFlow has opened its first showroom on the African continent, in Cape Town, South Africa. Located at the Canal Walk shopping centre, it officially opened its doors on Saturday, 22 July, which covers approximately 100 square meters.

The showroom is open to all; no appointment required, and features popular flagship products like the Delta 2 and River 2 portable power stations, power kits and smart home panels solutions for home energy backup. It also includes a range of eco-friendly products, solar panels, smart generators and battery-powered smart devices.

Recap of products on offer, aimed at tackling load shedding:

EcoFlow Delta 2: The Delta 2 can power around 90% of your household appliances, according to EcoFlow, which has expandable capacity from 1-3kWh, with a total output of 1800W (X-boost 2400W). Through its X-Stream technology, the portable power station can recharge in just 80 minutes, a huge draw card between frequent load shedding stages. It is equipped with LFP batteries that promise 3000 battery cycles that lasts up to 10 years.

EcoFlow River 2: The River 2 and River 2 max offers portability for home back-up, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. It weighs 3.5kg and 6.1kg respectively for on-the-go power, which can also recharge in an hour using the X-Stream technology as the Delta 2. The 256Wh capacity on the River 2 can power an iPhone up to 19 times and the River 2 Max doubles that capacity.

EcoFlow Power Kits: EcoFlow claims it is the world’s first modular power solution that are plug-and-play, aimed at off-grid homes and RVs. It provides an expandable capacity of up to 15kWh and 3600W Max AC output. letting you power most of your essential appliances. It supports multiple ways to recharge, such as AC, vehicle alternator, solar panels and EcoFlow’s Smart Generator.

More information can be found on the website: