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Review: OneAdaptr OneWorld 65

If you travel internationally often, the last thing you want to do is carry unnecessary items. If you’re traveling light with hand luggage only on business or want to minimise packing as much as possible, then you need to take a look at OneAdaptr’s new OneWorld 65 universal plug. I’ve used their Twist Plus World Charging Station before, which I loved, so consider this the upgrade. They also ship worldwide, so you can buy it right here from South Africa.

OneAdapatr’s new OneWorld 65 is an international adaptor that works in over 200 countries, it really is one plug to rule them all. It comes with a travel pouch and user guide inside the box. I love that it comes with the pouch, I use it all the time or just keep in there.

OneWorld 65 features

How does it work?

The plug is lightweight at 178.2g and has dimensions of 54.5 x 69 x 67 mm. You simply select the plug you want attached to the slider on the left. It is grouped as follows: USA/Aus; UK and EU, which is what most of the world – over 200 countries, uses. The US one comes out straight but you snap it inward for Australia. US and Japan use the same outlets. You slide it back when done and can access the others one at a time.

The 10A AC out supports various plug types and will work with appliances that have a round two pin, which is common in SA, like a hair dryer, or regular ones without an irregular shape for other appliances. I love the design and layout, you can tell thought went into it and your stuff isn’t likely going to clash with each other because of space. Well, mine didn’t.

The charging ports are fast-charging Quick Charge 3.0 ports, up to 18W from the USB-C ports, and the above-mentioned dedicated 65W port. It is said to be 38% faster and efficient when compared to Quick Charge 2.0.

How I found it useful on my recent travels

I’ve been traveling a fair amount internationally lately, and earlier this year, I recall being annoyed on a trip because I was charging my stuff at three different outlets, spread out in the hotel. It was then I realised I needed a solution to do it all once, but unlike my current powerbanks, it needed to handle USB-C, fast USB-C and regular USB-A. It would also making packing easier and cut down on the bulk.

The OneWorld 65 address all of this, and more. It also lets me use an additional appliance like a hair tool or whatever the case is. I have a Macbook Air M2 and it is supported on the plug through the fast 65W USB-C out. Plus I can charge my power bank for the day, watch, phone, and any extra gadgets I’m testing.

It is a big relief to carry one main plug around without worrying about finding multiple outlets. Some hotels are weird and have their plug points and USB ports scattered all over, which makes no sense. With this, I just need to worry about the closest one to me and everything else will be within easy reach. It was convenient because it charged everything I had with me.

How safe is it?

While I have not found the need to “overload” it by using all six outputs at once, it has the technology to make it safe for doing so. In Wired’s list of the best travel adaptors for 2022, the OneAdaptr made it on the list for being the safest, which should put anyone at ease.

We’ve been scarred with load shedding in South Africa and have lost too many appliances because of it, but the good news about the OneWorld 65 is that all its plug points are fully grounded. This protects you from power surges or electric shocks. It has over-current protection and will shut down the device if it detects abnormal usage.

The plug uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology which allows for it to be powerful in a small compact package. It ensures efficiency and well distributed power to all things connected without overheating. This is a big concern because you don’t want your gadgets to overheat and get damaged. The OneWorld 65 really shines here because it is compact, efficient and safe.

According to the company, it has one the highest safety ratings from the UK – it is BS8546 compliance – approved with fully grounded connection for the highest safety protection. Capable to handle up to 10A of continuous power consumption.

Should you buy one?

If you travel internationally fairly often, absolutely. It is worth the $69 price tag. You don’t have to worry about buying multiple plugs, you just need one plug for all destinations. Also, to emphasise, this plug has 3x USB-C ports, one 65W fast charging. You need to use more USB-C plugs to justify it. It’s also the compact size combined with the safety benefits that makes it worth it. This is a plug I would also use on a local work trip or getaway, purely because I would only need one of it for all my stuff, but I won’t recommend buying it if you don’t travel overseas.

The only thing that may concern you from South Africa is customs, and you can expect to pay around R300 if you buy it at the $69 price. See disclaimer below for a current Christmas special at 10% off, which you may want to take advantage of, to offset the customs a little. But even if it wasn’t on sale, I still recommend it at its full price. The fast-charging and USB-C is very 2022/23.

TLDR; if you travel internationally often, buy the OneWorld 65 adaptor here:

MacMate Pro – for the Apple user

I was also sent the MacMate, along with the OneWorld 65; both are available separately but combined, you can buy it together as the MacMate Pro on the website. This is a great add-on if you use a Macbook and want to charge other Apple devices from it with a wireless option. It connects to any Macbook brick with a USB-C cable that is provided in the box. This allows you to charge a Macbook, iPad and iPhone or AirPods Pro, etc.

Here is a quick look:

  • 10W wireless charger
  • 60W USB-C
  • 20W USB-C
  • Connects to Macbook Air/Pro plug

If you travel a lot and are already looking into buying a OneWorld 65 plug, you may want to consider adding this on and buy it through the MacMate Pro combo instead. You can also keep this at your bedside to charge your iPhone, iPad and AirPod Pros.

Buy the MacMate Pro for $110, which includes the MacMate and OneWorld 65 plug here:

At the time of publishing on 5 December, the OneWorld 65 is listed as $62.10 and the MacMate Pro is $99, available through its Christmas sale. Thereafter, it’s respective price of $69 and $110 will apply.



  • One plug for everywhere
  • Charge 6 things at once
  • High safety ratings


  • Available online, subject to customs
Ease of use
Value for money

Final Verdict

The only plug you'd need for going anywhere in the world. It's compact and easy to carry in hand luggage. Just order in advance from South Africa, subject to paying customs.

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