DC Kids FanDome is a first of its kind 24-hour virtual event that takes place on Saturday, 12 September. If you or your kids are superfans of all things DC Comics, you don’t want to miss out on this livestream event is free to attend online.

It will celebrate all things DC – films, games, TV, comics and more; and festivities kick off at 19:00 CAT. For all the kids who are tuning in, there is a separate kid-friendly URL at DCKidsFanDome.com to access. It can be accessed from any device.

According to the release sent by WarnerMedia, kids of all ages will be entertained for hours on end, learning how to draw their favorite characters, watching clips and exclusive panels from favourite animated shows like Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls, reading comics and so much more.

This is what the schedule looks like.

Teen Titans Go! Cast Table Read and Panel
Join the cast of Teen Titans Go! as they talk about what it’s like making the show and act out some of your favorite scenes!

Ask the Titans
What’s Beast Boy’s favorite animal? Who do the Titans think is their greatest enemy? Why does Silkie bark all the time? You got questions and the Titans got answers!

Batman Carpool
Holy Multiverse, Batman! Batman is talking to Batman and they are talking to LEGO Batman and they are talking to Future Batman. But did they talk about toilet paper??

Beyond Batman
Let’s just say this Batman is wayyy Beyond. Ok…see, retired Bruce Wayne calls up Terry, you know, Batman Beyond…and, well, the two of them watch a crazy clip from the old live action TV show, Batman. Weirdness ensues…you just gotta watch it to understand…POW!

It also includes numerous slots for Brick Builders, Batman 101, DC Karaoke, DC Read Along, How to make comic books, draw superheroes, origami, etc.

Here is the trailer:

If your kid loves Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other DC superheroes (and Super-Villains!), they won’t want to miss it.