The new Samsung SmartTag 2 tracker is now available in South Africa. The second-generation Bluetooth tracker was unveiled globally in October and has finally made its way to SA, which retails for R499.


The original Smart Tag disappeared off the shelves for months, and was impossible to purchase, which left Samsung users with no option to track valuables.

The SmartTag 2 is a competitor to Apple’s highly popular AirTag, which works with iPhones. Similarly, the SmartTag 2 works with Galaxy devices only, not all Androids, and is meant to track things like keys, luggage, sneakers, kids, or pets.

Samsung SmartTag 2 New features

The SmartTag 2 supports Lost Mode with the ability for consumers to put contact information via a message, so if anyone discovers the lost item, their smartphone can be used to scan the tag and see the owners’ message and contact information. Lost Mode works with any mobile device with NFC reader and web browser.

The new tag also has an improved Compass View feature that enhances the user experience by displaying arrows to show the direction and distance of the SmartTag 2 in relation to the user.  This mode is available on any UWB-supported Galaxy smartphone (full list below).

The Smart Things Find app also gets an update, with newly registered tags getting a shortcut to the app on the user’s smartphone to access it quicker. The app also features a full-screen map view.

When the user switches to a new Galaxy smartphone, the SmartTag 2 will automatically re-sync with the new phone on the Samsung account it is tied to.

Design and Battery

The new SmartTag 2 has been completely redesigned from a square-like shape to ring-shape using metal for more resilience and support for keyrings and clips that will easily fit bags or luggage.

It is also now more durable with an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance for the outdoors or if attached to pets. Speaking of pets, it also supports a new pet walking mode to log their walks.

The SmartTage 2 has a 500 day battery life on normal mode, and longer with Power Saving Mode. For items that need to be continually tracked, Power Saving Mode is suited for it, for up to 700 days, twice as long as the previous model, says Samsung.

The technical side

The SmartTag 2 uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLW) and UWB capabilities that leverages Augmented Reality find tech to guide users to their items using their Galaxy smartphone camera.

The maximum Bluetooth range is 120 meters and can be used to control smart phone appliances on the Smart Things app. It should also be noted that accuracy is reduced is there is an obstacle between you and the tag – like inside a draw, behind a wall, or in the car, explains Samsung.

Regarding privacy, the device’s location will be available only with express permission from the user, and data is encrypted on the Smart Things app, with Samsung Knox support. When Lost Mode is disabled, the owner’s contact information becomes hidden and along with wiping the message left by the owner.

While tracking people without their permission was one of the biggest criticisms of AirTags, which now notifies the user, Samsung addressed this with a similar “Unknown tag alerts” to let users know if there’s any unauthorised tracking taking place.

For Samsung Galaxy users, SmartThings Find can also provide security through its “Unknown tag alerts” feature. This feature alerts users of any unauthorised tracking by sending them a notification if SmartThings Find detects an unknown SmartTag following them. This helps protect users and prevent against the abuse of location tracking services.

SmartTag 2 Compatibility

A Samsung account is required for registration through the Smart Things app, which needs to be paired with an ultra-wideband (UWB) device running Android 11 upwards.


According to Samsung, the list of Galaxy devices compatible with the SmartTag 2 include:

  • Note20 Ultra
  • S21+ and S21 Ultra
  • S22+ and S22 Ultra
  • S23+ and S23 Ultra
  • Z Fold2, Z Fold3, Z Fold4 and Z Fold5.