FNB has expanded its lifestyle solutions to customers with new partnerships outside of the banking world. They include deals and value-adds with Starbucks, Udemy, GuardMe, eBucks Games and FNB Connect’s ‘Hero Device Deals’.

Speaking at a media briefing this morning, FNB emphasised it continues to offer a completely free eBucks rewards programme to customers that doesn’t carry subscription fees, clearly hinting at Discovery Bank’s Vitality programme.

FNB CEO Jacques Celliers says, “In keeping with our status of providing customers with the best value-added services in financial services, we are once again shifting into high gear in our efforts to offer customers exponential help.”

Celliers touched on how FNB looks beyond the architecture of banking, matured their thinking over the years and it’s not just about what type of deals it offers but more importantly, how simply it is executed.

The new offerings available on the FNB and RMB app includes:

  • Starbucks: Customers can recharge with a complimentary coffee weekly on FNB.
    To qualify, customers have to use FNB Pay 5 times per week, this includes transactions using virtual cards and Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, FitBit Pay, Garmin Pay. The voucher code will be displayed on the app under My Benefits in the eBucks tab, the same way as the Kauai benefit. The weekly coffee voucher per 5 swipes expires within 2 weeks.

    My FNB app has a voucher loaded based on my activity last week.
  • Udemy: giving FNB customers affordable access to hundreds of online courses.
    A library of 400 online courses have been selected for customers that will only cost a discounted R50 activation fee. eBucks members can sign up for up to 6 courses a year, without paying anything additional for the actual course. The main member can purchase it and share the code with a non-FNB customer. Topics include business, photography & video, music, design, marketing, finance, IT, personal development, teaching, etc. To sign up for a course, go to the FNB app > eBucks Partner and select Udemy. Courses can be completed anytime with lifetime access to courses.
  • GuardMe: a medical and personal armed response service at a tap of a button on the FNB App. Customers will have access to GuardMe, powered by Aura, a private 24 hour security company with over 5000 response personnel, 2500 armed response vehicles, and 250 armed response providers through a shortcut on the app that doesn’t require you to be logged in. It will be free for the first 3 months to customers who sign-up, thereafter, it will cost R19.90 per month per family member, with qualifying rewards customers (Premier, Private Clients, Private Wealth, RMB Private Bank) earning back their fee in eBucks (Level 5 – 100%; Level 4 – 50%;  Level 3 – 20%;  Level 2 – 10%). Rewards are limited to up to 6 members per household). FNB Easy and Aspire customers need to maintain a minimum monthly balance of R10 000 and R25 000 respectively. Customers can activate it by selecting “GuardMe” via eBucks tab on the app.
  • eBucks Games: a world of ad-free games with no monthly subscription. A safe gaming platform will be available to customers that has no ads or pop-ups, but more importantly, allows you to add other members to your profile (kids etc) to access it regardless of being an FNB customer. They can use a separate device to access it. There are no monthly fees, and it includes a large selection of free and paid games, including tournaments and prizes up to R250 000 in the form of gaming consoles, airline tickets, and vouchers. It is accessible via the Games section under eBucks on the FNB app.
  • FNB Connect ‘Hero Device Deals’: High end smartphones, laptops and iPads from Apple, Samsung and Lenovo at a price point that is cheaper than buying from retail stores. These 24-month deals will include data, airtime and SMSes via FNB Connect. It is available under “Hero Deals” in the Connect shop on the app. Some of the deals include:
    • The latest Samsung A32 smartphone for as little as R149 per month (total fee of R3,576 vs. R4,499 cash price).
    • R89 per month for a Lenovo M10 tablet, including earphones & cover (total fee of R2,136 vs. R3,999 cash price).
    • Apple iPad 9 10.2” at R199 per month (total fee of R4,776 vs. R6,499 cash price).
    • Lenovo IdeaPad 3 at R279 + backpack, mouse, and Office 365 (total fee of R6,696 vs R9,999 cash price).

FNB also announced it has acquired all SLOW Lounges in the country.