The latest in automotive technology that’s rolling out, even cars with facial expressions and that you can talk to.

Imagine a car that can speak to you, express moods and emotions, change its color, display your avatar on the window and automatically open the door when you approach?

We are not talking about a science fiction movie; this is what we experienced first-hand at the CES 2023 tech event and consumer technology show in Las Vegas in the first week of the new year. This is how it is inside BMW’s new retro futuristic i Vision Dee concept electric car that was unveiled at CES, where CEO Oliver Zipse explained: “It is our vision of pushing the boundaries between physical and digital perception.”

“Dee embodies the next level of human machine interaction, a concept that cannot be simply dismissed as science fiction because it will inspire our neue klasse,” said Zipse, referring to BMW’s new class of vehicles coming in 2025.

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