Hybrid vehicles are an increasingly hot topic in the transition towards electric mobility.

Toyota is credited as a pioneer of the category as its Prius was the first hybrid to be offered locally in 2005.

Late last year it began production of the Corolla Cross hybrid at its KwaZulu-Natal facility, a vehicle that accounts for high sales volumes.

At R425,400 it is the least expensive hybrid on sale in SA. Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus, has also been an early-adopter of the technology.

Mercedes-Benz made history in 2016 when its plug-in W205 C350e was the first hybrid car manufactured on local soil at the East London plant.

Today, buyers have a range of hybridised options from various manufacturers, including BMW, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Volvo and even Ferrari.

Hybrid vehicles appeal to people looking for fuel efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions but are not ready to commit to EVs. Switching to an EV is not yet feasible for the mass market in SA and with the ever-increasing fuel price, perhaps it’s time to consider a hybrid.

The numbers on-paper make for a compelling argument to drivers with lengthy commutes, seeking to save on fuel costs. For example, Toyota claims the hybrid version Corolla sedan has a fuel consumption of 3.5l/100km and its 43l tank has a theoretical range of 1,200km.

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