I had some professional photos taken by lifestyle photographer Vije Vijendranath as part of his Women in Business series. To be upfront, he approached me last year to do professional shots but it only panned out this year, in what is now called Women in Business.

Vije is more about bringing out the personality in photos. I took a look at Sandiso’s pictures here that was shot at her place of work and loved them. For anyone interested, the series would include photos taken in an office environment, doing what you do.

In my case, as a freelance writer working for myself, a coffee shop was most apt. Here are some of my favourites that show the real me:



I’ve uploaded some of them in a gallery here; they seem to scroll better if you click the left button:

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”20″ display=”basic_imagebrowser”]If you’re interested in getting pictures taken, Vije’s website can be accessed here: https://instahubby.co.za/

Portraits done in an hour start at R1500 going up to R2500 for more, and the highest level is R6000. I am not sure about the specifics, but you can get in touch with him directly on his website and platforms.

I love what Vije is doing, and as you can probably tell, am thrilled with my photos.