I have a long-haul flight later today, and thought I’d share what gadgets I’m packing for this trip. My backpack contents differ based on where and why I’m traveling (on my last holiday in December, I didn’t take a laptop but took an iPad). I’ve been meaning to do one of these posts for ages but never had the time. It goes without saying I will be taking my iPhone 7 and MacBook, so these won’t appear below.

Here’s the rest of it:

B&O Play H3 Earphones
I’m taking these particular earphones for its premium sound quality (hey, it’s Bang & Olufsen, need I say more?). They’re lightweight and come with a drawstring bag that’s compact enough to fit into your jacket pocket. It also comes with four sizes of ear buds (XS, S, M, L). Sound doesn’t distort on high volumes. And a big deal for me is that I can wear it for long stretches without it getting uncomfortable. 

Scosche MagicMount Power Bank
I received this nifty power bank from the iStore a few days ago for Valentine’s Day (thanks guys!). It’s different from other power banks because it comes with a magnetic plate and built-in (as in, non-removeable) mini Lightning cable, so your phone sits over the power bank very neatly, which can slip into a pocket. I’ve been seen walking around with cables sticking out of my pocket so I love this compact solution. It has a power button and LED light indicator for how much charge you have left. The capacity is 4000mAh. It claims 2 charges on an iPhone 6S but I get one full charge while using my i7.

Apple Watch Series 2
Technically these won’t be *in* my backpack but on my hand. I have the Apple Watch Series 2 on review (look out for a post in a few weeks), so naturally will be using it. I know most people try it for 2 weeks and give up cos what’s the point right? Well, if you don’t give yourself time (ha!) to integrate into your lifestyle, then it’s not for you. The best thing about it so far is that it allows me to respond to important/urgent stuff while I’m away from my laptop, and not fiddle with my phone unnecessarily (and waste battery).

Apple Watch imge from Shutterstock

Fitbit Flex 2
I love tracking my steps especially when I travel because I’m curious about how much I walk in a day. In places with a proper public transport system, there will always be lots of walking and climbing stairs. I’m currently using the Fitbit Flex 2, so naturally it’s coming with. I love the jewelry accessory (that looks very un-Fitbit), which holds the little waterproof tracker inside. 

Huawei P9
My secondary handset is the Huawei P9. But for this trip I will use it for all my offline Apple Music playlists because the little Lightning to earphone adaptor for the iPhone 7 doesn’t work that great with all earphones. The same earphones that work perfectly on every other device. Sometimes in congested areas the free WiFi won’t necessarily work on one handset, so it’s handy if I have another. 

KnowRoaming SIM Card
KnowRoaming were handing these SIM cards out for free last year at Mobile World Congress, which is where I got one from. Unfortunately they are not available/for sale in South Africa. It works the same way as having a sticker on your SIM, which I already have. I will be using this SIM on the Huawei P9.

USB-C adaptor
While I love my 12″ MacBook, and have been using it mostly without any dongles, it would be really silly to travel without an adaptor. I’m almost certain if I don’t take it, I will be wishing I did. That said, I hope whatever needs to be shared is done via Dropbox; and if there’s no WiFi, then dongle it is. 

Twist Plus World Charging Station
Not that I’m doing this list in any particular order, but I would never travel without this plug. It works in every country I’ve been to, and charges most of my stuff at once. I sometimes plug stuff into a power bank as an extra port while the power bank itself is being charged on one of the speed ports.

The above isn’t a lot and what I’d consider packing light. I will be taking another power bank; I always carry a back up, but I won’t be taking my iPad. A small handbag also fits into my backpack, and I tend to keep my laptop charger in my checked in luggage if my backpack is heavy.

Are there are any other gadgets you always pack when traveling?