Work From Here: Sandton Central

The Sandton Central precinct, SA’s business capital, has launched a “Work from Here” campaign to promote the city in a post-pandemic world. The #WFHSandton project poses the question: Why work from home, when you can work from here?

Referred to as a 15-minute city due to everything being in close proximity, Sandton Central invited me to experience all of this, and show how it is not just for work but play too. Its explains what a 15-minute city is: everything you need for daily life can be accessed either on foot, or via public transport, within 15 minutes. This includes workspace, retail, healthcare, professional services, dining, education, sport or leisure.

A map of the 15 minute city

Some of the changes the precinct made during the lockdown to cater to shifting trends while remaining innovative was to widen the roads, enhance security, add batteries to traffic lights on certain intersections, pursue sustainable architecture, open new retail stores and trendy restaurants, expanded art galleries and renovated office buildings.

WeWork Sandton

Sandton Central says there has never been a better time to live, work, dine, shop, stay and play. As part of the launch event, we got to experience the city on foot, with the help of a shuttle due to the rain, and participate in an amazing race style challenge.

We were armed with the essentials to hit the streets on foot: sunscreen, a visor, energy bar, map, headphones for the clues to be read out and a guide to decipher the clues (Gugu did not help with answers, but was an amazing guide!) and a bunch of treats and snacks we picked up at each stop. Dress code: sneaker chic.

We were put into two groups, Team Sandton and Team Central, and as part of Team Central we were very determined to win. The winner had to arrive first at the final location after cracking the clue, which I guessed immediately as Alto234 at Leonardo, and coincidentally, I guessed the first clue too – WeWork Sandton!

And so our clues took us to various places, some of which I’ve never been to and will definitely return to. Some of our stops included WeWork, Africa Padel, Inanda Greens Golf Course, Monarch (not my vibe), Alice Lane Precinct, The Gautrain (Sandton to Marlboro return), Nelson Mandela Square, and finally, to the highest point in Africa, Alto234 at The Leonardo.

View from Alto234 at The Leonardo

I’ve been living in Sandton since I moved to Johannesburg in 2005, so that’s 17 years. This is the first time I could experience Sandton Central on foot, in such a fun way. I drive through the CBD without even realising what’s actually there, and if it were not for this event, I wouldn’t know fully. I also discovered a Naked Coffee inside Africa Padel, who knew?

Naked Coffee inside Padel Africa

After all the running around, we had a quick change at the Sandton Sun, where we spent the night. I’ve never stayed at this hotel before, and it’s quite modern. What always stands out for me is the USB charging ports on the bedside and Sandton Sun didn’t disappoint. It’s not just a regular USB port, it’s a charging one, so a bit faster!

Before I knew were we were going for dinner, I guessed it could only be one place in Nelson Mandela Square: Tang. Incidentally, I was at Tang at week before this event with BMW. Both times I was there mid-week and it was packed. Honestly, I don’t know how some of the other restaurants compete. It appears everyone wants to be seen here.

Team Central won the challenge!

Thanks for a fun afternoon and evening, Sandton Central! Super keen to try out WeWork for a day soon, and redeem my spa voucher for winning the challenge!

I found the clue under Madiba’s foot!

You can find out more info here:

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