I recently got to spend some time with the new top of the line VW Tiguan 2.0L in white, kitted in the Black Style Package. I also drove the 1.4L Tiguan last year and covered the important bits on that post if you want to go back and read it.

VW Tiguan

I took the Tiguan on a weekend away with three friends to the North West. This post will cover how practical it was for my usage.

Quick Look:

  • Tiguan 2.0TSI 4Motion R-Line
  • 162kW and 350Nm of torque
  • 0-100km in 6.5 seconds; top speed 225km/h
  • Standard price without extras: R710 000
  • Price with extras and VAT: R885 100

First Impressions

My first impressions of the car when it arrived: I loved the look. I’m not generally a ‘white car’ person – official colour is called ‘oryx white Pearlescent’ but this look with the Black Style Package made it look so badass. It works well with the lines and angles; I mean, look at that side profile. Last year I drove a dark blue shade but this one really stands out.

Smartphone pairing

The first things I did when it arrived was pair it to my phone, and set-up WeConnect Go, the app that links to the car with the DataPlug that sits inside all new VWs. The device comes free with all new vehicles and turns it into a smart “connected car”. I also reviewed the DataPlug back in 2020 if you want to read it here.

One of my favourite things on the app was to record my trips and check my efficiency score. Weird, I know. But any gamification aspect in my life is enough motivation to want to do better the next time or to see how it compares over time.

Loading up

We managed to fit all our luggage – some hard shell ones – food, boardgames, drones etc at the back easily. There was enough place for whatever extras we threw in with a few small personal bags in the backseat.

It’s quite deep back there, and its 520L standard without sliding the seats forward or folding them down. This is a good family sized car for whatever else you need to throw in. It also has a nifty sensor at the back that lets you open the boot with your foot. You just kick it under so that the sensors pick it up, provided you have the keys on you. I love features like these when I go shopping and hold all the bags in both hands.

Wireless CarPlay

Before we set-off, I paired my phone to the car for Apple CarPlay to get Google Maps going for directions. It has wireless CarPlay thankfully. I don’t always travel with a USB-C to Lightning Cable and most new cars, Tiguan included, has USB-C cables for connectivity.

Comfy passengers

The back passengers found there was plenty of leg room despite having more stuff on the way out plus we didn’t need to move the seats forward because nobody was getting squashed. The Tiguan also comes in an Allspace version but we had the regular one that fits 5 adults. I am not sure if the Tiguan Allspace is available in this new facelift version.

Driving in the rain

We drove in the rain on the way there and there were moments were cars ahead suddenly braked, which resulted in us having to do the same by a dip, and wow, if I ever felt safe in a car in such wet conditions, it was in the Tiguan. The car was stable throughout, didn’t feel like we would have skidded, it just took it in its stride.

We drove on some bad roads, which the Tiguan is suitable for, and a lot of untarred roads, even when entering the game lodge we stayed at. It was a bit of a drive getting to the reception area but at a lower speed looking out for animals roaming about made it enjoyable.

I also found the car to be efficient. We drove there and it only used a quarter tank of petrol. We only refuelled after the return journey, and then too, it was only half used.

Final words

The Tiguan was a pleasure to drive, and being four women in the car, we felt safe and never doubted its capabilities (I speak for all of them here – but they all loved it). When going on road trips with my friends, this is so key for me. Along with the comforts and safety from the latest tech in the car, I really don’t have anything to fault.

That said, it is not a cheap SUV, but it is one of VW’s best-selling models globally and that says something. I don’t have kids so I personally won’t need to own such a large vehicle, but if you’re a family of four at least looking for something comfortable, practical, suited for long distances and modern with the latest technologies, the Tiguan is worthy of your consideration.

PS: I posted my top 5 tech features last year:


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