Whether you’re a seasoned business traveller or just recently started globetrotting, having the right gadgets can make your trip more manageable – and enjoyable. 

We’ve narrowed down some great gadgets to consider for upcoming trips.

OneAdaptr Twist Plus+
OneAdaptrIf you’re going to different regions, you will need multiple adaptors – or just a single one. The successful, Kickstarter-funded OneAdaptr is designed to fit into any MacBook’s Magsafe power adapter (although you can technically use it without a MacBook for the USB ports only). What’s great about it is the twisting mechanism, and multiple plug points for anywhere you need to go in the world (it’s compatible in over 150 counties).

When not in use, all pins fold into the adapter. In addition, it has four USB speed ports so you can charge your MacBook and three other gadgets, at any given time. This compact little adaptor also cuts down on unnecessary invertors and plugs when packing.
Price: $45 (about R540) only available online at OneAdaptr

Xiaomi 5000mAh Power Bank
Xiaomi-Power-BankA power bank is essential for any traveller, not only to power through emails and keep in touch with family and friends, but as a primary camera too. If these usage patterns sound familiar, your battery is probably going to be flat by lunchtime. The Xiaomi 5000mAh battery pack is a fairly decent size to get a number of gadgets charged in a day, or could last over a couple of days for a single device.

This super slim model is only 9.9mm thin, which is great for portability. The 2.1-amp output means a faster charge than normal.
Price: R449 on Takealot

Knomad Mini/Air
To help organize cables, devices, your knomad-minipassport, stationery and travel cards, a simple solution is ideal. Look no further than the Knomad Mini or Air travel organiser. As the name suggests, the Mini can hold an 8” tablet and a MacBook Air (up to 10”) although not exclusive to the iPad. It has multiple slots and holders for cables, earphones, USB drives and such like. The microfiber tablet compartment offers protection too.

In addition to the basic organiser, there is a power edition with a 5000mAh slim battery pack, available at a slightly higher cost.
Price: From R799 at

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Headphones
PlantronicsTo survive noise in the airport or crying babies on the plane, noise-cancelling headphones are must-haves. The Plantronics BackBeat PRO goes one step further with a wireless offering – fewer cables are always better. It has up to 24 hours of continuous use, a power-saving feature and works with devices within a 100m range. Get through lengthy flights with your favourite tunes (and no crying babies).

Wireless and noise cancelling headphones come at a price, so consider it an investment.
Price: R2716 including shipping at

Kindle Paperwhite WiFi
KindlePaperwhiteLet’s be honest, when it comes to e-readers, there is clearly one winner. Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite offers the most realistic e-reading experience with no screen glare – even in bright sunlight. The ultra light device can be held in one hand, has a built-in adjustable light for reading without straining your eyes, even in an airplane cabin. Catch up on work documents in PDF format by transferring them to the Kindle, as it has a longer lasting battery.
Price: R2499 from Incredible Connection

Stay connected the smart way
Lastly, one of the cheapest ways to keep in touch with friends and family is with multiplatform supported apps, such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger. These allow you to pick up from where you left off while on the web or portable devices.

This post originally appeared on the Nashua blog here.