TechMarkit has launched South Africa’s first Laptop Library programme to help those who require a laptop temporarily. Located at the Rosebank Mall in Johannesburg, the service is subject to a nominal refundable deposit of R500, which essentially is a free service.

The company says the Laptop Library is part of its ‘ongoing commitment to make technology accessible to everyone by removing the cost barrier’.

David Hirsch, CEO of TechMarkit says, “We believe that education is a fundamental right, and every student deserves the opportunity to access technology that will support their learning and enable them to succeed.”

“The Laptop Library Programme is our way of contributing to the community and supporting students who are facing financial difficulties and anyone who is need of access to a laptop for whatever reason.”

TechMarkit says the service is available to students who need to complete an assignment but don’t have access to a personal computer at home; if there is one laptop in a household and multiple users need access; for those who’ve had a device stolen and temporarily need one; or are saving for one and need a device in the interim; and if your laptop has been booked in for a repair.

How does it work?

TechMarkit describes it like an old school library concept where you could check a book out for a week. Through the Laptop Library Programme, customers will have the opportunity to ‘borrow’ a laptop for a week. All you need to do is visit TechMarkit’s Rosebank Mall store, pay your nominal R500 refundable deposit, complete the lending form, and take the laptop home. Return it on the stipulated date to TechMarkit’s Rosebank Mall store and your R500 deposit will be refunded.

The company will be using its refurbished laptops that run either Windows or Chrome OS, and additionally, with Office Suite loaded for Windows, and Google Workspace for Chrome devices.

TechMarkit says the Laptop Library Programme is one of the initiatives that it has launched to support the education sector.


TechMarkit at Rosebank Mall
50 Bath Avenue, Rosebank
Level 5, Shop 314
Call: 087 059 5500