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Review: Xiaomi Wireless Blender

Xiaomi makes more than just smartphones. It has a range of smart products and kitchen gadgets, and one of them happens to be the 17PIN Justar Wireless Blender. I have seen it spelt Justar and Juistar so not sure which is correct but eBucks has it listed as the former.

The portable blender is for people on the move, travellers or gym and office use. I found it particularly useful during load shedding after gym when I received it for review. I made protein shakes/smoothies with fruit etc to keep me going for the four hours because it was my meal substitute.

The blender is light, portable, and wireless. It comes with a proprietary charger that sits magnetically on the lid. You best keep it safe because nothing else in your house can charge it. The issue I had with the charging cable was that it’s a bit on the short side, so it had to sit really close to a wall socket, vs. sitting on my kitchen counter or a table. So I charged it in my home office and let it sit on the carpet instead of the floor.

The blades sit on the lid, and similar to a Nutribullet but on a smaller, less powerful and more portable scale, you can drink straight out of the cup. It has a battery capacity of 700mAh, which yields 15 charges based on 30 second blends per session. Sometimes I went above that if I wanted my fruit blended more finely. It can make a drink up to 300ml.

You’re probably wondering if it can replace the Nutribullet, and no it cannot. It’s not nearly as powerful. You can definitely tell it’s “slower” if you have else to compare it to. I just blend it for longer if I need to, it’s only a few extra seconds. The Xiaomi Justar is meant to be a quick fix when you don’t have access to a bigger blender. And when load shedding hits again, it will be more useful in this particular case.

In terms of safety, the good thing is that it cannot be started accidentally. You need to hit the button twice quickly to start blending. Chances are kids won’t know how to do this.

What I love about this blender is that it’s simple to use and does what it needs to do without any extras. There’s just a single button to power it on and off. Once you’re done drinking, it can be rinsed immediately. Nothing gets damaged as the battery is built into the lid. 

I do think it will be more useful for those who gym and need to drink something immediately after, but it’s also a good option to take to the office if you’re taking freshly packed fruit and protein powder etc with you daily. It is also a good option for travellers; the plug is a 2-pin.

This is the first time I’ve tested a wireless blender. I had questions via social media asking about how it compares to other generic versions but this is to inform you I don’t have an answer to that. You’d have to look at specs and design and decide for yourself.

The Xiaomi 17PIN Justar Wireless Blender retails for R499 online via eBucks or Makro.



  • It's portable and can fit into a bag
  • Ideal for gym or travellers
  • Handy during load shedding


  • Charging cable too short
  • Can be seen as not powerful enough
Ease of use

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