A Joburg-based furniture company has developed an ergonomic work-from-home range spurred by Covid-19.

Ukhuni’s new Home Habitat range is designed to keep back, neck and shoulder pain at bay, and reduce eye strain and headaches. We tested its Ladder desk and Navigator chair in a home office environment.

The desk’s dimensions are 950mmx500mmx1800mm, ideal for small spaces. The main desk has two drawers, a shelf above for standing mode and a top layer. It is reinforced with a black powder-coated metal frame and Formica tops and shelves, and comes in five colours.

On the regular desk mode, I used an elevated laptop stand to be more eye-level, though having one is not necessary. The surface area on the main desk is smaller than an average office one, yet there is enough space for objects.

The standing desk lets you take a break from sitting with minimal interruption. I used a laptop tilt for this mode and found the angle better suited for my wrists while typing. Standing is also great for short video calls. The desk was paired with the Navigator chair that looks like a typical office chair, available in black mesh with an upholstered fabric seat. It offers several ergonomic features.

Once positioned for your height, the levels of comfort are instant. The knee tilting mechanism lets you recline with your feet flat on the ground without pressure being exerted at the back of your legs.

I’ve used it almost exclusively since receiving it. Returning to my old desk and chair for a two-hour video call ended up in a backache. Now, the Navigator moves with me if I switch desks.

If you’re switching to an ergonomic home office, start with the chair; it is worth every rand. The desk is recommended for limited space. Both products tick the boxes of comfort, aesthetics and ergonomics.

The Ladder desk is R4,650 and the Navigator chair R2,999, available on ukhuni.co.za.

Cool factor 4½ /5
Usability 5/5
Value for money 5/5



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