There are many levels to being an audiophile but at the very basic one, if you own a large flat screen 4K TV, its built-in speakers simply will not cut it.

Sonos Ray

You are going to need sound to match the picture quality, and this is usually when one would start shopping around for a soundbar.

If you have never owned one before, you may want to look at the new Sonos Ray. Regarded as a premium audio brand, its existing line-up of speakers don’t come cheap. Its newest soundbar is on the compact side, which expands on its current home theatre range.

The Sonos Ray bills itself as an all-in-one soundbar that will upgrade your TV, music, and gaming experience. That description is apt, falling somewhere mid-range; ideal for anyone new to this segment.

It is the smallest soundbar from the company, weighing 1.95kg with dimensions of 559x95x71mm, making it ideal if you have limited cabinet space. It is available in a matte finish, in black or white.

The Ray connects to WiFi on a 2.4GHz band and connects to a TV with an optical cable, which is included in the box. There is no HDMI or Bluetooth support, but there is an Ethernet port if you want to connect straight to your router.

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