The Philips Premium XXL Airfryer with Smart Sensing technology is a top of the line airfyer from Philips. The reason I’ve decided to review it now is due to multiple requests on Instagram. I’ve reviewed the Instant Vortex before with a comparison to the Philips Essential Digital XL because they are in the same category, and I was sent them for review purposes. I’ve not reviewed the XXL before as I bought it for personal use and rarely review my own stuff, but wanted to offer an unsponsored review.

The naming convention on the XXL Airfryer can be confusing, but model number HD9860/99 has rose gold finishes and the other XXL model has the number HD9650/99R1 with silver finishes.

The key difference apart from the colour is that it has a “Smart Sensing” Technology. This means it can automatically adjust the time and temperate, depending what you’re making. It has a Smart Chef feature for things like fish, chicken pieces, a whole chicken, frozen fries or fresh cut potato fries. You simply pop the meat into the basket and rotate the dial to select the corresponding icon.

Quick Look

  • Philips XXL Airfyer with Smart Sensor (HD9860/99)
  • It has a 1.4kg capacity and 7.3L volume (fits a whole chicken)
  • It is 2225W; has an 80cm cord; and weighs 8kgs
  • It has digital controls with buttons and a dial
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe


  • Smart Sensing Technology
  • Smart Chef programs
  • Save your favourite cooking setting
  • 7 times faster airflow
  • Fat removal tech to remove excess fat
  • Fry, bake, grill, roast, reheat
  • Exclusive recipes on the Philips app
  • Uses 60% less energy and 40% faster than traditional oven (Philips claim)
  • Keep warm for 30 minutes

Why I bought the Philips XXL Airfyer

I first introduced to a Philips airfryer when it launched here in 2017. I liked the brand and started using it often. Then a time came for an upgrade, I wanted to fit more, and looked into the various models, and settled for the XXL purely for its size. It was the largest available basket at the time with its 7.3L volume that could fit a whole chicken.

I read about the smart sensing tech and wanted this because I felt like I would be missing out if I got the silver one. I also love new tech and had to have the better model. I stuck with Philips after my first introduction to it. It was just a brand preference, and size.

I’ve since also been introduced to the Philips Essential Digital Airfryer with smart voice control support and an app and as mentioned, received the Instant Vortex to review, which was subsequently sent back when I was done with it. I really loved the Vortex but as I said, size was also a deciding factor for me.

I bought the Philips XXL Airfryer twice

Last year amidst the multiple and intense load shedding during stage 6, a few appliances of ours got damaged, and one of them was my beloved XXL Airfryer. I used the Essential one but I found that my dishes were not cooking the same way it did in the smart sensing Airfryer. I know what you’re thinking, they’re all kinda the same. Yes, and no. I have since learnt through trial and error, they can differ.

Why I prefer cooking in the XXL with Smart Sensing tech

The main difference for me when I put a piece of ribeye steak into the airfyer, I know how it cooks within 8-10 minutes. Between medium-rare to medium. If the cut is slightly thicker, I put it in for 12 minutes. When my XXL got damaged, and I tried to cook the ribeye in the Essential model, it didn’t cook as fast, and did not get as brown as I was used to. I became frustrated purely because I was so used to cooking on certain temperatures and times and now I had to cook things for longer.

What do I cook in my XXL Airfyer?

Basically, everything. I use it as a substitute for three appliances: microwave, stove and oven. We moved into our current home in 2021 and I’ve used my oven less than 6 times now, LOL. If I had to revamp my kitchen, I would remove the double oven set-up I have.

I make eggs in it in ramekins with mushrooms, sausages etc, I put samoosas and pies in it. I bake in it; have made low-carb bread, cheesecake, cookies, premix batters. I cook all types of meat in there: burger patties, sausages, steak, chops, ostrich, chicken, salmon, hake, etc. I also cook potatoes and some veg if I am not steaming it (prefer to steam veg). When I say I put everything in there, I mean it. I also reheat pizza and other stuff.

There are also certain things I’ve now realised I cannot cook on the stove in a frying pan anymore – steak, salmon, chops, sausages, patties. For me it’s the time factor, I can do all of this without checking on it. Imagine cooking a steak to perfection without standing in front of the stove or flipping it.

I also use Instant Pot accessories in my airfryer because the basket is so big. And it fits a 19cm springform pan that I used for the basque cheesecake.

Why do I love my airfryer so much?

I will tell anyone who listens that the airfyer is the greatest kitchen gadget of all time. It does not need a preheating function – who has time for that, not to mention waste of electricity. And in SA, we have our unique set of challenges, and load shedding being the biggest. I love that I can cook proper meals in it in 10-15 minutes as far as protein is concerned.

In our household, a lot of our meals include protein and veg with salad and I rarely eat deep fried stuff. I don’t make a lot of curries, but when I do, I use my Instant Pot for it (second favourite kitchen gadget after the airfryer). But I also make a lot of stews and haleem in the Instant Pot. My airfyer is the most used appliance in my kitchen.

People jokingly tell me I’m not a real Indian because I put samoosas in my airfyer, which is so funny. Listen, I will still make my samoosas in the airfyer no matter what anyone says. I went through loads and even found my favourite cheese and corn one that doesn’t burst in it (my favourite flavour).

What are the downsides to the XXL Airfyer?

The Philips XXL Airfryer with Smart Sense technology is expensive when compared to most models out there, it costs R7999. It is also large therefore takes a lot of counter space – well it is the XXL at 7.3L. If you have a small apartment, or limited space, you may be put off by the size. Fortunately, I have a dedicated little corner for both mine.

People do complain that it is difficult to clean, and while that can be true, I simply put it on 200-degrees for 5 minutes while empty to melt anything before cleaning it instead of scrubbing it, but this is when my domestic worker is not around then I do it. In terms of family size, we are just two in the household and it’s ideal, but it may be considered small for bigger families of 6, unless you don’t mind doing stuff in batches.



  • Cook evenly and fast
  • Large basket size
  • No need to preheat
  • Open it at anytime to check


  • Bulky, lots of counter space needed
  • Sometimes it gets smokey
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

A premium airfryer at a premium price. Excellent if you want a large airfyer that holds a full chicken. It cooks thoroughly and quickly but it is bulky and expensive.