I’ve been testing two Moshi accessories in the last couple of months, the Lounge Q wireless charger and the Overture cover for iPhone 12 Pro. The latter is a 3-in-1: case, wallet and stand.

I received both products in March but some of you may recall I posted the Lounge Q online last year. That was an early sample unit and it has since been replaced, so I used the second one for my review, which came out in FM recently:

Review: Moshi Lounge Q


A very quick overview: Moshi makes tech accessories like phone covers, wireless chargers, bags, cases, hubs, etc, but put extra effort into their design. I’ve previously bought their wallet cases for my iPhone as I love this style of case for out and about.

The Moshi website says it offers a 10 year global warranty. It comes with a standard 2 year warranty but if you register your product online when you buy it, you will qualify for a 10 year global warranty. They have a bunch of FAQs if you want to check it out.


The Overture 3-in-1 case has a detachable magnetic wallet. It serves three functions, a case, wallet and stand. It comes in two colours: black and pink. I opted for the black case. It is made with vegan leather that has a soft touch to it and is weather-resistant. It is treated with Moshi’s proprietary NanoShield antimicrobial coating which the company says kills germs and bacteria upon contact.

I love the detachable design the most. It sits in a magnetic case that latches onto the wallet cover. So if you don’t want to carry the bulk around, just remove it from the cover. You’d had to take any bank card out of it as this sits on the inside cover. Inside is the slim shell case that also works with the Lounge Q charger. It also protects your trio of lenses by encasing it all around. The height is much higher than the lenses, so if you accidentally drop it, they won’t make contact with the ground. The same works for placing it on a table; it is protected from scratches and bumps.

This is what Moshi says re MagSafe: Overture does not affect MagSafe wireless charging, but does NOT guarantee MagSafe will stick to your phone firmly with the case on. I don’t have any MagSafe accessories so haven’t had a chance to test that.


I think the Overture is great for those who frequent airports or are on the road and need to show their licence at office parks, roadblocks, etc; watch videos on their phone; or simply don’t like taking out a separate wallet at the till points.

I use both the case and wallet function for different reasons, depending where I am dashing out to. It’s very easy to just pull the case out of the cover and be off, but like I mentioned, don’t leave behind stuff in the wallet – like your licence *cough*. This happened to me once but I do have a temp licence permanently on my visor.

It is durable and sturdy; I like that my camera lenses are protected with those extra mms, it makes such a difference. The last thing you want on a R20k+ phone is to crack the edge of the lenses (I know someone who experienced this and it was very expensive to repair). So it does come across as adding some extra ‘bulk’ but not like those outdoor style covers.

If your kids use your phone, this is probably also a good option if they tend to drop it; you’re gonna need something to handle the accidents.


The Overture is a well-made case with effort that went into the design and look. I’m someone who has bought countless cases over the years – I have a bit of a problem – so I think opting for the darker shade was the best bet for me. Sometimes after months of use on a light case, it tends to go off-colour, but I think the vegan leather can be wiped down with warm soapy water or a wet-wipe.

A wallet case is NB for me if I’m traveling; it gives me easy access to my ID at boarding gates, and I don’t have to fumble for a wallet when I need a card, if I’m not using a tap to pay function.

This trusty, versatile 3-in-1 ticks all the boxes. If you’re going to buy a single case to last at least two years, the Moshi Overture is a great option. Sure, you can also buy cheap covers every few months, but given its slightly higher price point, it’s a case of quality over quantity – you won’t need another cover for two years.

The Moshi Overture available in pink or black at various retailers and online: iStore, Takealot, ShopandShip starting at R1099.