Working from home has highlighted many things, one of them owning a good pair of headphones. One is aware of every bit of noise in the neighbourhood, be it children playing outdoors, power tools being used, generators kicking in or construction work, the list goes on.

I found it distracting to pay attention in video meetings or webinars.

Enter the Logitech Zone Wireless. It’s a pair of on-ear Bluetooth headphones that sit on top of your ears, with no cables to get tangled on anything.

The leatherette earpads are soft and breathable and the headband is silicone padded and lightweight. The design lends to the comfort you need for wearing it for hours on end.

The headband is adjustable to head size. It can also be folded so it’s portable and takes up little space in a bag.

The Zone Wireless comes with a drawstring carry case, USB-C charging cable, USB-C adaptor and a wireless dongle. The dongle is required if you don’t want to use it over Bluetooth. It supports Qi wireless charging.

It has a boom microphone on the left ear pad that is flip-to-mute. The left ear pad also has a power/Bluetooth button, an active noise cancellation button; a central button for playback, music controls and calls and plus/minus controls for volume. The USB-C charging port appears on the same side.

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