Transferring your existing mobile number from one network to another doesn’t have to be an admin headache.

You may want to change your service provider for a number of reasons, whether it’s a better deal or to take advantage of an  eSIM functionality offered by a different network. And you shouldn’t have to change your number or worry about updating anyone, when porting your number to a different network.

According to the Digital 2021: South Africa report released by We Are Social and Hootsuite earlier this year, South Africa’s population was 59.67 million, while mobile connections were sitting a 100.6 million in January 2021.

This is equivalent to 168.5% of the population having a mobile connection, which means that a large majority have more than one mobile connection.

You may not have considered porting your number before, but with Telkom now offering eSIM* functionality for prepaid customers, it is an attractive option for anyone already on a prepaid line wanting to free up their physical SIM card slot for a data network provider like rain.

This allows you to keep a primary number for calls and use a cheaper network for data. If you have a phone that supports an eSIM, we highly recommend you do it. It may also be a good idea to keep an eye out for data deals on Black Friday.

Here’s how you can begin the porting process to any network if you are on prepaid. If you’re on a contract, wait for your 24 months to be over otherwise you will be subject to penalties for early cancellation. The process usually takes a day or two at most, and if you’re lucky, 12 hours.

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