I had the opportunity to visit Google’s corporate campus in New York last week during a press trip with Acer, arranged by the PR team back home [Thank you, team!]. I was really excited because it’s something I wished I could do at some point in my career, so when the opportunity presented itself, I was ALL IN. I’ve read articles about what it’s like to work for Google [at one point about ten years ago, I used to trawl Google vacancies to apply on behalf of my husband – true story!], and it still remains a dream company to work at. Have you seen the perks of today?

Google’s NYC offices are in Chelsea, and while it made news when it happened, I was reminded that Google actually owns the Chelsea Market (purchased for $2.4bn); the building opposite it, where I spent my 30th birthday with friends (next to The High Line). So cool to know that they own a hipster food market. They do occupy floor space in the building of course; look out for some pics of the YouTube office and YouTube Space towards the end.

The building is much larger than the several floors we were allowed to visit. Each floor by the lift area is themed.. got a glimpse of a 404 error on one, and Pac-Man on another. The thought that went into the design is something to marvel at.

Ok, are you ready? It’s 35 photos long… all worth taking a peek at:

Entrance at the lobby
Don’t feel like walking? No problem, just grab a scooter!
Don’t feel like working at your desk? This is what the open spaces are for.
Between open plan floors
Oh, just a Harry Potter lounging area…
High five zone in the corridor
Serious about coffee
Views of Manhattan from the open space work area and coffee station
One of the very many micro kitchens, stocked with healthy foods.
Eating areas
One of my favourite zones: Kitchen Sync. Well-known chefs come in to give employees cooking lessons, based on pre-selected interests.
More eating or working areas with a view of the Financial District
Lower Manhattan skyline
Outside views and seating areas… reminds me of The High Line.
Interesting bits of information scattered around the building… the Google way.
Meetings rooms need to be named… (most of the rooms have such cool geeky or movie related names)
Another favourite spot: areas for down time… I’m told that managers sometimes join their staff and play games together, you know, instead of getting back to work.
This was absolutely made for me, if I worked at Google.
An actual shipping container inside the building…
You’ll be forgiven if you expected a search giant’s office to actually look like this.
The Chelsea Market, owned by Google, directly opposite its main building (they own both neighbouring buildings)
Me in the Chelsea Building; it was a scorching hot day. All visitors wear these name tags, even in the Johannesburg offices.
Outside next to the lifts
I quite like how the Chelsea building is styled.
Work stations or eating areas. Staff can work here all day if they want, and not necessarily at their desks.
Open plan spaces near a kitchen and large table
Some of the artworks scattered around.
YouTube offices
Youtube meeting rooms
Youtube Space – the place for Youtubers to work at… afaik you need to have more than 10 000 subscribers to be let in here.
The environment for creatives/Youtubers to work from
Working pods at Youtube Space
Youtube space meeting room walls.
And this concludes my photo essay… hope you enjoyed it!