Published in City Press. Nafisa Akabor reviews the Nintendo Switch Lite handheld gaming console and the RingFit Adventures fitness game for the Switch.

Switch Lite’s an impressive gadget

One of the world’s most loved brands, Nintendo, reinvented gaming with the introduction of the Switch in 2017.

The hybrid console can be used when plugged into a TV or as a portable device that you can take anywhere. It has since sold more than 39.7 million units worldwide.

It’s no surprise then that the company introduced the Switch Lite, a portable version of the console with trimmed down features, as a successor to the Nintendo 3DS. It went on sale globally on September 20 and sold 1.95 million units in 10 days. 

Ring Fit Adventures fun for family

Nintendo’s new fitness game, Ring Fit Adventures, was launched globally on October 18 and works on the main Switch console when docked to a TV. It includes two new accessories, a Ring-Con circular controller and a Leg Strap, which houses each Joy-Con to track movements and workouts. The leg strap would need to be attached to the left thigh, and the Ring-Con remains in your hand.

The game can be played in various modes such as Adventure, Quick Play, Simple, Sets and Multitask.

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