New eBucks offers 2024- 2025

It’s time for FNB’s annual price review and new eBucks offers. Compelling pricing, easy-to-use products, and practical value are the hallmarks of FNB’s annual pricing review this year.

By simplifying products, offering consistently transparent pricing, and adding value with useful benefits that customers want and need, FNB is focusing on being a meaningful partner in the lives of its customers.

The award-winning bank has paid out a staggering R2.7bn in eBucks rewards for 2023, and a total of more than R20 billion to date.

FNB says 96% of eBucks redeemed are in the same month it is earned. Quite an interesting stat, so if you like to save up for months to buy a large ticket item, you may be in the small minority.

This year, FNB is delivering value beyond banking by making its benefits simple to understand, easy to access and practical to maximise. Pricing structures have been simplified making fees more transparent and value more accessible to customers.

Additionally, FNB has also enhanced its rewards programme, offering customers even more ways to be rewarded for good banking behaviour.

“We are excited to announce several updates to our eBucks Rewards programme, which now offers more earning potential and a wider range of spending options,” says Pieter Woodhatch, CEO FNB eBucks Rewards.

FNB Easy PAYU and Easy Bundle

FNB’s entry-level Easy PAYU account, priced at just R6.50 per month, offers the most affordable banking solution and even includes free transactions like small value real-time payments and one free e-wallet payment per month.

Easy PAYU and Easy Bundle account holders enjoy significant savings on everyday essentials. Customers can purchase up to four loaves of bread per month from Shoprite Checkers at only 99c per loaf, receive grocery vouchers up to R100 when swiping their FNB qualifying card, and enjoy a monthly allocation of free WhatsApp messaging on their active FNB Connect SIM.

They also benefit from travel discounts, such as a R50 discount per ticket on bookings made with QuickBus via the FNB App. “We understand that our Easy PAYU and Easy Bundle customers value simplicity and affordability,” says Woodhatch, “and by offering discounts on essential items, travel, and communication, we offer value and rewards were they truly matter.

FNB Aspire

The Fusion Aspire account, at R115 per month, stands out by including various electronic and cash transactions in the monthly fee, with a 50% discount for your spouse/partner on their Fusion Aspire account.

Aspire customers can also unlock substantial eBucks rewards on groceries, health and beauty products, fuel, and streaming subscriptions. They can earn up to R150 back in eBucks on groceries and essentials at Checkers and Shoprite/Usave, up to R150 on health, beauty, and baby essentials at Clicks, and get up to R1.20 per litre in eBucks on fuel at Engen.

Aspire customers also receive R20 back in eBucks on their monthly Netflix and Spotify subscriptions when they link their FNB Aspire Virtual Cards to these services plus R100 discount per ticket on bookings made with QuickBus via the FNB App.

The Boost My Rewards program offers FNB Aspire customers the opportunity to earn up to R1 500 towards a new pair of shoes, home connectivity and smart devices annually, while family banking benefits provide additional perks like smoothies, vouchers, and discounts on flights and bus bookings.

All customers are required to do, is ensure all their bank accounts are in good standing, meet the minimum monthly deposit requirements or have five customer-initiated debit transactions, and log into the FNB App once a month.

FNB Premier, Private Clients, Private Wealth

Private Banking customers, including FNB Premier, Private Clients, Private Wealth, and RMB Private Bank, have access to an unparalleled rewards program.

They can earn up to 15% back in eBucks when using their virtual cards at designated partners like, Checkers, Clicks and iStore, up to 40% back on family-related subscriptions such as Netflix and Spotify, up to 50% back for foreign currency transactions fees through FNB Forex, and up to R8 per litre back on fuel spend at Engen.

In addition, Private Clients and Wealth customers also earn rewards with SPAR. Customers also get up to 100% back in eBucks on device purchases using their FNB/RMB Private Bank Credit or Fusion Cards. Monthly fees on these accounts have been adjusted, but they remain highly competitive, providing simplified banking with a linked credit facility to manage unexpected expenses.

“Our customers lead busy lives, and we want to ensure that their banking experience is as rewarding as possible,” Woodhatch explains. “By offering an extensive array of eBucks rewards, travel discounts, educational benefits, and complimentary airport lounge visits, we enhance their lifestyles and provide them with significant value that is appropriate to the lives they lead.”

FNB’s dedication to providing exceptional value was once again recognised by the Solidarity Bank Charges Report 2023, which named the FNBs Easy PAYU, Fusion Aspire, and Premier Fusion bank accounts as the best value for money across various customer categories in South Africa.

FNB has focused on value where South Africans need it most. “By helping our customers to manage and reduce their fees and delivering real value through highly rewarding benefits tailored to the identified need and preferences of all our customers, FNB has positioned itself as the value-adding banking partner of choice for all South Africans,” Johnson concludes.

Solopreneur Bundle

This is a solution that separates your personal and business finances by adding an FNB First Business Zero Account to your existing personal account. This is suitable for all sole proprietors, especially FNB customers with a side hustle or small business on the side.

Other benefits of adding a free FNB First Business Zero Account is that it lets you build a credit history, which is easier to apply for funding; reconcile finances easily; present your business professionally when you interact with clients.

More info on eBucks benefits for all account types:
More info on the Solopreneur Bundle:

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