The Nespresso coffee machine you’re familiar with has gotten an overhaul. The new Nespresso Vertuo coffee system uses a Centrifusion technology where the pod spins to brew coffee. These machines will be sold alongside its existing line-up of machines. There will be three models on offer: Vertuo Next, Vertuo Next Premium, Vertuo Next Deluxe. It also very apt then that on International Coffee Day, the Vertuo Next has been launched.

Nespresso has patented the technology and described it as an “intelligent extraction system that provides an extremely high level of precision.” It takes a range of different sized pods, all of which have a barcode on it, which the machine reads once inserted. It supports five cup sizes ranging from 40ml to a 230ml Signature to a 535ml Carafe, and then the spinning happens at up to 4000RPM, infusing the coffee with water.

The barcode on the pods has information attached to it that the machine reads, like temperature, flow rate, rotational speed, and time the water is in contact with the coffee. It’s a different experience to the normal one, having owned a bunch of the old ones, and the opportunity to test the new machine. The machine also now has one button to start the brew.

Features on the Vertuo Next:

  • Centrifusion extraction at 4000RPM
  • Barcode technology to read brewing parameters
  • One button operation
  • Automatic opening and closing of machine head
  • 30 second pre-heat; 230ml extracts in 70 seconds
  • Makes Espresso (40ml), Double Espresso (80ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Signature (230ml), Carafe Pour Over (535ml)
  • Automatic turn off after 2 minutes of non-use

The new range will offer over 30 permanent coffees on the lineup at launch with seasonal limited edition pods:

  • 1 blend in Carafe Pour-Over Style
  • 13 blends or single origins for Mug size
  • 6 single origin blends for Gran Lungo size
  • 3 blends for Double Espresso size
  • 7 blends for Espresso size

The Vertuo machines are also a result of Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability; they are made from over 50% recycled plastics and come with a fully recyclable pack made from 99.5% recycled material: recycled paper, moulded paper and paper foil to protect the machine from scratches, according to the company. This will be rolled out to all machines by the end of 2021.

The Vertuo Next costs R 3499; Next Premium R3999; and Next Deluxe R4499.

I’ve been using the Vertuo Next for a while…
As part of the Nespresso Vertuo Next launch, I was equipped with a machine to see how the new technology works. It’s different to what you’re familiar with but not difficult to set up and understand how it works. Dimensions are: 14cm x 38cm x32cm. I simply plugged it, filled it with water and popped a pod in. The first run isn’t really a true one but more to get the machine going. I made different styles, but started them with frothed milk.

The machine takes a few seconds to read the pod before it starts spinning and brewing a coffee of your preference. I was gifted three sleeves of different sizes and bought and additional two, just for variety. I also prefer the water attachment just having a lid to open and close, vs. removing it to fill and clip back. Probably a small thing but makes a different in terms of usability.

If you felt in the past the current line up of machines were not as versatile, you might be inclined to go for the Vertuo Next. Apart from the new technology, you get to make different styles, including a pour over, if you’re into that, with just one button. I am loving the different options and mls depending on what i’m in the mood for.

There is a Nespresso Vertuo Next app but it is not yet available in South Africa. At the livestream launch event, Nespresso said it will be “coming soon” and to keep an eye out on social media.