Mini has unveiled a fresh new design for its upcoming all electric Mini family. Four design elements that have been revealed in what the company calls a “Charismatic Simplicity” design language that is minimal and focuses on the essentials.

Mini says each new model gains its own strong individual character that is expressed in distinctive design features, while exuding individuality with a clear brand affiliation, and that sustainable materials are another essential part of the new design language.

With our new Charismatic Simplicity design language, we are completely rethinking the iconic Mini. Our purist, progressive approach combines the simplicity of functional elements with the emotionality that Mini is renowned for. ~ Oliver Heilmer, Head of Mini Design.

The four elements that have been refreshed include a round OLED display combined with the latest technologies; sustainably-inspired materials for its steering wheel and seats; and a new rim design that is aerodynamic.

According to Mini, this is what you can expect:

Round OLED display combines tradition with state-of-the-art technology.
At the centre of the visually reduced interior is the circular central instrument display iconic of Mini, which will be reinterpreted in the form of an OLED display in the upcoming model family. Mini is the world’s first car manufacturer to offer a touch display with a fully usable round surface. The OLED display has a diameter of 240 millimetres and combines the functions of the instrument cluster and the on-board monitor. The sleek design and frameless look give it a particularly high-quality appearance. The touch control enables a completely new, minimalistic user interface that also controls the integrated infotainment and climate functions. With the purist dashboard as a stage for the circular central display, Mini continues the traditional design heritage of the classic Mini.

Sustainably inspired variety of materials: steering wheel and seats.
In addition to the central display, the steering wheel of the next model family was also fundamentally redesigned. The standard version comes with a two-spoke design. The optional version adds a distinctive fabric finish as a third element in addition to a sporty geometry. The upcoming Mini model family inspires with its high-quality and sustainable variety of materials and colours as well as innovative textile designs. Vibrant Silver is a recurring colour accent, adding a special touch with its shimmering metallic appearance, both outside and in.

The range of seats is equally diverse. A fresh combination of new colours and patterns paired with classic style elements such as the houndstooth pattern build a bridge from the past to the future. Laminated seat side panels look particularly valuable and show the attention to detail. Like the armrests integrated into the seats for the first time, they contribute to the homely atmosphere of the interior.

New rim design promotes dimensions and aerodynamics.
The completely redesigned light-alloy wheels also follow the principle of the new design language. The MINI wheels of the upcoming model family no longer focus on the sculptural nature of the spoke structure, but on a graphic design characterised by strong colour contrasts. This creates an illusion of size, which is further emphasised by the outward-pointing spokes. The pared-back, two-dimensional wheel design contributes to improved aerodynamic qualities and increased range with its somewhat compact, two-dimensional design.

And that’s all Mini has shared so far. I look forward to the launch of the Mini Electric. If you follow my blog as and as a Mini driver, you may know I’m very interested in this EV because it’s a small compact car suited to my needs and tastes.