Did you know you can create a custom Kindle email address to send documents directly to your device? Amazon lets you create name@kindle.com for your e-reader to email books to in various formats that will sync immediately on WiFi.

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Supported formats include MS Word doc(x), PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, RTF, html and Kindle format (mobi, azw); and the email does not need a subject line either.

Here’s how you can set yours up and customise it:

STEP 1: Log into your Amazon Account and click on “Your Account”

STEP 2: Under Digital content and devices, click “Manage Your Content and Devices”

STEP 3: Click on “Devices”

STEP 4: Click the … dots next to your Kindle

STEP 5: You will see a default email given to you; click on edit to customise/save.

Once you create the address, you cannot send books from any random email address to your Kindle. You need to add approved sender addresses – otherwise anyone can spam your Kindle. It’s also the reason I haven’t blurred out my custom address – if you try to send anything to me, I won’t get it; hence the next few steps.

STEP 6: Click on “Preferences” and then “Personal Document Settings”

STEP 7: Navigate to “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” and add the email(s) you will be using to send yourself books. You can add more than one.

That’s it. It should work immediately once you save from step 7. I sent a book I purchased on PDF to my Kindle and it loaded within seconds.