Every year on 1 July, South Africans can file their tax return, either online or this year, via a slick new app. The new SARS app is now running on version 10 and you’d need to download or update it for iOS or Android first.


I have to admit, my previous experience on the app last year was not great. My regular e-filing experience using a Macbook has been frustrating every year, because I would need to use my Windows PC to access the PDFs, despite updating to the latest software. I saw the media statement from SARS about the new “MobiApp” recently, and figured I might as well try it. I’ve wanted to feature it as ‘app of the week’.

If you’re a regular person who lives off their smartphone, file your tax return on the app. After years of frustration and things not working smoothly, for the first time in my life I can say I filed my tax return within minutes and it was seamless. 

SARS App 2019

If you tried logging in before 1 July, you probably saw an error. As mentioned above, update to the new version by 1 July and it should work now, complete with a new look. The new look app is functional, which is the main thing. I updated it on iOS and the landing page has the basics from the website but condensed and a better focus.

Simply go into Tax Returns and fill out the missing info, as you would on the website. It does not feel tedious like using a web browser. There is a disclaimer first, but also don’t forget to save everything once you fill it in. Thereafter, you ‘calculate’. Once you’re happy with the statement provided, you can submit your return. 

SARS app filed 2019

The actual process of filing my tax return has always been a frustrating experience, and for the first time ever I can say it was seamless. I also usually get paid within days, so no complaints on that front from SARS. 

Have you filed your tax return on the SARS app or will you be giving it a bash this year?