I’ve been using infinite gmail addresses for over 10 years now, and realise not many people know about it. There most definitely was a blog post about it on the My Digital Life community back in day but since it no longer exists, and the fact that when I told my sister to use it, she wasn’t aware of it. Hence this blog post.

Gmail allows you an unlimited amount of addresses, for example if you have username@gmail.com, you can add anything suffixed to it with a + sign, so username+1@gmail.com; username+2@gmail.com; username+3@gmail.com and so forth. The main purpose is for filtering.

If you need to give your bank an email addy, just give them username+FNB@gmail.com so this way, you can also see who sells your info off when you get unsolicited email. I immediately try take all the actions when I get unsolicited email – report for spam; unsubscribe; block; send to trash, LOL.

You can then create a rule on gmail (I LIVE by rules and have TONS), and choose all FNB emails to go into a separate folder. If I didn’t have rules, my inbox would be a nightmare. PR folks who tend to send tons of email also go into my folder, that way only the emails sent directly or specifically to me are deemed important to appear in my main inbox. 

Hopefully this post will help how you give out email addresses.

Image credit: Shutterstock