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How To: Create profiles on ShowMax

The lovely folk at ShowMax gave me access to try their new Apple TV 4th-gen app a while back and I’m happy to say that I will be renewing it this month. I haven’t decided if I’ll buy vouchers with my eBucks or just add it to the DStv bill, or use PayPal for that matter. After trying it again months after the initial launch, aside from the Apple TV app experience, I think the R99 a month subscription fee is great value for money. One of my favourites is The Late Late Show, updated all the time with American broadcasts. I must admit, having the Apple TV makes it easier to watch in my lounge, I hardly use my laptop to watch TV series (not gonna run my battery down for TV).

A key feature that was missing was user profiles. Today ShowMax has announced the new multiple user feature on a single sign-in. However, you can’t add the profiles from the Apple TV yet. You just need to log onto your account via the web (or Android/iOS app) and do it from there. Here’s a how-to on creating profiles.

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Tap on your account name on the right, and go to My Account
  3. Then click on “Profiles” on the left hand side and “Add Profile”
  4. At the next step, you choose what type of profile, adult, kid, teen, etc, which looks like this: (also note you can add a PIN if you want)
  5. Click on “Add Profile” and you are done.
  6. Go to your Apple TV and sign out of your account and sign back in; you will see all your new profiles under “Settings”

Now everyone in a household can get recommended shows suited to what they currently watch. I have extra house guests at the moment and we are all currently using my profile to watch shows Sponge Bob and Sonic… so the update came at the right time, I’d say! 😉 Oh you can create up to 11 profiles under one login.

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